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Bhutan’s fish species to be recorded

Jun 19, 2015

Bhutan’s fish species to be recordedThe National Centre for Riverine and Lake Fisheries in Haa is in the process of compiling a database of fish species found in Bhutan’s rivers. They are currently assessing the rivers in the West. A meeting was also held with other stakeholders to discuss on how they can play their parts in this effort.

Studies are currently being carried out in the Western region to collect data on the composition and distribution of fish in the rivers. This will cover the three major river basins; Amochhu, Wangchhu, Puna Tsang chhu, and all their tributaries. Using several different type of fishing methods, the researchers are trying to capture as many fish as they can.

“The moment we catch a fish, we take the information. We call it voucher specimen,” said Livestock Production Officer, Karma Wangchuk. He said if it is specie they already know of, they take picture with all the information and they release it back. “If it’s a new specimen that the teams are not aware of, we take them back to our laboratory”

This is the first phase of the Fish Fauna Assessment Project. Livestock and Forestry officials from 10 western Dzongkhags met with officials from the Centre in Paro.

“Even though we are the Fishery centre, they know more about the rivers than us. For example if we go to the Punatshangchu, the livestock and forest officials there will have almost every detail about that river and they will be able to give us field guidance,” said National Centre for Riverine and lake Fisheries’ Programme Director, Singye Tshering.

The three-year study began in 2013 with funds from Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation.

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