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Bhutan’s ranking in Press Freedom Index sees sharp drop

Dec 30, 2013

SAFMA-Press Freedom IndexBhutan’s ranking in the press freedom index saw a sharp drop compared to last year, according to the South Asia Media Monitor Report. The report was launched, today, by the South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) Chapter in Bhutan.

The report places Bhutan at 82nd position out of 179 countries, this year, down by 12 places. Bhutan was placed at 70th position last year.

The drop in the ranking has been attributed to the media’s high dependency on government for revenue and the absence of the Right to Information Act.

A release from the SAFMA Chapter in Bhutan also says the media houses are in despair, shrinking, becoming smaller and fast losing their staff after the authorities have directed all government agencies to cut down on advertising.

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  1. Dorjip

    With the present trend it will further drop in the following year lol. If democracy is to thrive our media needs more freedom I guess..

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