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Calm ensues after riot erupts in Samtse border area

Nov 24, 2014

Calm ensues after riot erupts in Samtse border areaThe situation in border area of Samtse has become calmer, today. A riot had ensued following a death of Indian Domestic helper, 18, yesterday.

However, the strike has not been lifted as the talks between the two sides continue.

The villagers of Chamurchi area, from where the deceased is, had supposedly started the riot. They claim the girl was raped and murdered.

But, the joint medical examination report ruled out foul play. The examination was conducted in the presence of the deceased parents, employer and witnesses.

During the investigation, a 500 ml dendrite was found near the girl.

The employer was away to Gelegphu at the time of the incident. Only his wife and two children were at home.

“The girl had come looking for a job on Friday,” said the employer’s wife.

Next day, at around 11 PM, the police received a call from the employer’s wife saying the girl was not responding.

The body was taken to Chamurchi by the deceased parents at 2 AM yesterday.

A few hours later, riot has erupted.

A report from police states, two vehicles were set on fire and seven others damaged. The vehicles belonged to Bhutanese, who were travelling to Samtse, yesterday. The vehicles are currently under the custody of Indian Police in Banarhat.

The superintendent of Police said the talks are underway and the issue is expected to be resolved soon.

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  1. Yang T Seldon

    The situation in Samtse has become terrifying at the moment especially in the college. The trainees are being advised not to move further away from the college premises especially in the evenings. The trainees from Samtse College are being targeted the most. Everybody is so worried about it. Everyone in and around the college has become very alert about their whereabouts. Doors and windows are latched as soon as it is night. The movement of the people in and around the college has reduced much more these days.

    It is also heard that the citizens of our beloved brother country want to have a Bhutanese lady/woman (Trainee(s))raped and pay the compensation (Nu.10,000). The amount that was paid by the house keeper to the deceased parents. Even the gents trainees were threatened of death when they went to the check post to buy the essential things needed for them without the knowledge of the happenings that very day when there was strike.

    The issue is getting worse when we hear of it. Peace talks are going under process but it still seems to have no peace restored in the minds of the people associated with it. Such things are under going in Samtse which is very heart breaking and unexpected. The trainees are the preys for the people who are in the verge of revenge.

    The safety of the trainees and the residences around is in turmoil. It’s not sure when peace would be restored. A lot of disturbances has been occurred in these few days. Hope it gets better very soon. Praying for the best to happen.

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