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Australian Ambassador confirms visa cancellations of two Bhutanese

Oct 28, 2014

Australian Ambassador to Bhutan, Patrick SucklingThe Australian Ambassador to Bhutan, Patrick Suckling, confirmed that the visas of two Bhutanese in Perth, Australia, have been cancelled.  Ambassador Patrick Suckling said the two have been given short-term visas so that they can arrange for return to Bhutan.

The two were among 30 Bhutanese working in a chicken farm in Perth, Australia. The immigration officials had investigated four of the 30 Bhutanese. Of the four, two were found to have worked excessive hours than what is permitted under their visa provisions.

“…They were found to be overworking in terms of the agreements they made when they came to Australia. And so, regrettably and sadly, those two had their visas cancelled,” said the Ambassador.

The ambassador also said the short-term visa is given until such time to make arrangements to return to the country of origin. “… And it’s only a matter of weeks, not months.”

However, the ambassador said they have the right to appeal to the Migratory Review Tribunal. “… I am not sure if they have taken up the matter. But, if they do, they will be given a fair hearing.”

The Ambassador also assured that the incident will not affect other Bhutanese living in Australia.

“There should be no negative repercussions because we have a strong and committed policy of supporting education in Bhutan for the qualified, for the ones who get scholarships and for the ones who follow the guidelines and rules.”

Investigations for the rest of the Bhutanese working in the chicken farm is complete and there will be no further probe into it.

Today, excluding the spouses and children, there are 1,100 Bhutanese studying in various colleges and universities across Australia. The Ambassador said they are making a significant contribution to the Australian community.



4 Comments for “Australian Ambassador confirms visa cancellations of two Bhutanese”

  1. Dorjip

    This is a typical case of Bhutanese ego just trying to prove others wrong. The concerned reporter is so desperate to defame the poor victims.. Keep it up, every dog has its own day…

  2. drukpa

    To my knowledge it’s not fair and transparent, why only two dependents visa got cancelled? All those who were working at that chicken farm worked excessive hours. Why only consequences for two poor guys?

  3. perthguy

    Just because of jealousy and ego of we Bhutanese,this is the consequence some of us are facing now, i didn’t understand y some of our friends here are jealous, when other are working extra hrs to make money. lets corporate and help each other, even to our new friends coming here from Bhutan, didn’t show ego.

  4. Tashi

    Look at the brighter side .. they can come back and open a chicken farm in bhutan and become a entrepreneur 🙂

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