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Visas of Bhutanese students’ dependents in Australia cancelled

Oct 27, 2014

Visas of Bhutanese students’ dependents in Australia cancelledThe Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia cancelled visas of two dependents of Bhutanese students studying in Western Australia’s capital, Perth.

They were found violating the visa terms and conditions- of working more than 40 hours a fortnight.

The two Bhutanese were employees of a meat factory in South of Perth.

They were apparently caught during an inspection by Immigration Officials, last Wednesday.

14 Comments for “Visas of Bhutanese students’ dependents in Australia cancelled”

  1. Pwrth

    Hahaha greed leads to misery. Bhutanese works in australia in a pathetic condition and after coming back acts like some arrogant fools. Too much show off

  2. dorji

    hello news room….whoever have written the news the information is not right and then i think it doesn’t come on headlines, because the visa is not yet cancelled…please don’t give false information and let every families panic.

  3. Rusell

    The visas don’t just get cancelled over night, the people are usually given a written warning or a notice before taking the rightful actions. So I feel whoever is playing this hoax should learn to be realistic. By that I mean it’s about time for some people to get rid of their old habits of spreading rumours.

  4. dorjip

    I don’t understand how the concerned news reporter could come up with such news on our nation TV which is not right. May be he or she has (concerned reporter) personal grudges against those victims or jealous of people working in Australia which prompted them to do this wrong story to misinform the nation as well as to defame some of our very own people who work hard to contribute to the nation building. I believe we receive substantial foreign remittances from those people who work in overseas. From what I heard, the case is still under review and such story by our very own national media house may influence the decision of the concerned authority in Australia. Come on BBS, don’t just let your negative attitude reporter to pour out their grudges and to undermine our very own citizens.

  5. Noname

    Dear Bhutanese folk,

    We all agree its hard to earn & even harder having to sacrifice a loads to make a mere living. Everyone of us goes through crisis one point of time…..be human & don’t forget our values.Have empathy!!

    There are incidences where fellow Bhutanese report about all these to the authorities concerned….what do you get? If one is willing to work the extra mile….let them, why the hue & cry?

    I hope this case is not reported by any Bhutanese friend.

    Get together – be Bhutanese.

  6. Dendu

    To all Bhutanese brothers and sisters in Australlia. Do not be bothered by a few abstract comments here and there. The majority of us are with you. And yes, please remember you are in a different country with a different set of laws. And please stay out of trouble. Our hearts go out to you. You’re not just making a living. You are earning Forex for all of us. People tend to be ungrateful. That’s why it’s said “To err is human and to forgive divine”.
    Warm regards.

  7. wangchuk

    Bhutanese working in meat factory in Australia…haha

  8. Karpola

    This is indeed a very serious issue. Bhutanese people need to abide by rules of other countries and not bring shame to our country. We don’t want our people getting deported to bhutan because they didn’t abide by immigration rules of this countries. Its a wake up call to all the illegal workers out there. There is still time to correct it before its too late.

  9. karma tenzin

    to all the fellow friends in Australia,

    keep studying and working, let people gossip…blha..blha….your efforts and sacrifices in making some changes in your families/parents wont go in vain. keep up and avoid trouble. cheers

  10. Pgyams

    If the news is false, I am not happy on the concerned reporter. Those Bhutanese in Australia are our brothers and sisters who are still the Bhutanese only. Lets find ways to support our fellow citizens.

    If the news is true, I would like to request our brothers and sisters in Australia to be mindful always and do what is allowed and avoid what you are not permitted by law.

  11. concerned Bhutanese

    there is nothing to be ashamed of, when u work and earn living but there is sth to be felt Guilty and ashamed of when u robe sb, steal sbs’ belongings and ……Cheere to those Bhutanese working in Australlia. (y) (y) (y)

  12. Yeshi

    OMG!!!! How can BBS be so senseless.. This is personal attack… How is this news even useful to Bhutanese people?! I don’t get it why people are jealous about Bhutanese living in Australia.. They work hard.. So what?! Our Bhutanese economy will improve…
    Get a life people instead of making such a drama out of a small news.

    Oh!! Don’t laugh at people because they work in factory or where ever.. They are at least working and earning their own money.. Not stealing from government and people..Honestly.. People who are giving negative comments are jealous,, they too want to be in Australia.. But with that thought and heart… I am sure they will be stuck in their your pathetic life.

    Bhutanese in Australia… We are proud of you!
    Don’t bother about reckless people and their comment… You work hard!!

  13. peemas

    Dear brothers & sisters in Australia,

    Be careful whatever & whenever u do anything..these two fellows whoever he/she doesn’t have any mistake or ashamed of that work as u all went there to work & make money so coz of extra time u got warned or creating remorse, never mind u didn’t robe/kill & etc… All the best..

  14. Rollingtears

    Working hard and earning hard currency and uplifting the economic status is not a crime. There is nothing to be ashamed of it. Some narrowed minded people just considering it in other way round. A sense of dignity of labor has to be there. Same time, we must not go out of the rules of the particular nation. Else it will be an immigration issue. Those brothers and sisters working abroad are the hard currency earner for our nation. Cheers…..do keep on working hard but do not break the rules and put yourself in trouble. Back home, many kids in rural places are waiting for your hard currency for their survival.

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