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Farmers harvest crops before wild animals encroach

Kencho Tshering, Tsirang
Sep 30, 2014

WildBoar-Tsirang To cope with the loss of crops to wild animals, farmers in Menchuna under Tsirang Dzongkhag are harvesting crops before the harvest season. Farmers say that they have been losing most of their yield to wild boars and bears.

They said they are using various tactics to keep the wild animals at bay but to no avail.

Meanwhile, the Dzongkhag Agricultural Officer said the crop depredation by wild animal is a severe problem and they are aware of it.

The Agriculture officer said they are trying to come up with a suitable strategy to address the problem.

Meanwhile, the farmers have been advised to report the damages caused by wild animals to the Agricultural Extension Officers to access the damage, so that the office can provide with seed if there is a major damage.

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