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A quest to revive Neypo system

Pema Namgay, Kanglung
Sep 30, 2014

NeypoSystemA group of cross-country wandering and storytelling musicians raised awareness on the richness of Bhutanese musical tradition within the context of hospitality. They are on a mission to raise awareness and revive the tradition of Neypo system in the country.

The Neypo system or the system of traditional host and hospitality is slowly disappearing across the country. In the past, people used to maintain a network of traditional hosts for trade or migration.

The founder Director of Aa-Yang Music School, Jigme Drukpa, said it is rare to see people composing and singing songs in the rural areas, these days. So the idea, he said, is to revive those interests, again.

The group performed for their hosts and the community, telling stories about their journey and lives through music and songs.

A European singer and songwriter, Paul Cowlan, who has also been a wandering musician for the last 39 years, also accompanied Jigme Drukpa. Paul said Bhutan need not lose the living tradition in order to develop its own contemporary tradition.

The musical tour is also to show people how music can be a cross-cultural bonding agent.

The Bhutan Network and Aa-Yang Music School jointly organised the musical tour.

During the month long musical tour, the group performed in Gasa, Bumthang, Lhuentse, Trashigang and Pema Gatshel.


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  1. rinzin dorji

    I personally feel, your music-tour indefinitely bring back NEYPO system in bhutan,and how about Sir, if you could revive our old traditional such as equally important taking Packed-Lunch to garnd parents inn the village (TOZEE)during losar or any, as i see its in verge of declined.

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