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Several road blocks reported in Zhemgang

Sep 27, 2014

Roadblocks-ZhemgangSeveral road blocks have been reported between Tingtibi-Gongphu and Gongphu-Panbang highway in Zhemgang owing to continuous rainfall in the last one week.

There are approximately about 40 blocks reported between Tingtibi and Gongphu as a result of mudslides and falling boulders.

Meanwhile, the Department of Roads has deployed machineries and people to clear the blocks, which is, however, being hampered by falling boulders and slides from loose soil.

According to the Department of Roads, it would take another three to four days more for them to clear the road, provided the weather is favourable.

Meanwhile, the block between Gongphu and Panbang is reported to have damaged a bridge over Morangang Chhu in Goshing.

As a result, no vehicles can either come from Panbang, or go from Tingtibi to Panbang.

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