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RMA Governor and Deputy Governors accept unlawful payments

Sep 22, 2014

RMARoyal Monetary Authority (RMA) Deputy Governor, Eden Dema, has been found to have tampered and manipulated invitations letters claiming Daily Subsistence Allowance which she was not entitled to. This was one of main findings of the Royal Audit Authority’s 2013 Report.

The Report has also found that Governor Daw Tenzin and Deputy Governor Eden Dema had accepted payments which they were not allowed to as per the RMA Act.

The Governor and the Deputy Governors, Eden Dema and Pushpalal, have received salaries, more than what was authorized by the government.

The Audit Report also says that the RMA failed to carry out inspection of financial institutions for three years from 2011 to 2013.

It also found deficiencies in the issuing of licenses to the fund management company known as Nubri-Capital.

Overpayment of year-end bonuses to the Corporations and some of the State-Owned Enterprises was also one of the issues pointed out in the report.

The Royal Audit Authority has submitted the Report to all agencies and those involved in corrupt practices to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

6 Comments for “RMA Governor and Deputy Governors accept unlawful payments”

  1. apgumdee

    there are many questions remain unanswered with the findings by RAA on the case pertaining to RMA. First, the FInance Ministry the then the parent body has to answer how and why these people were appointed as Governors and RMA. The board then is to be made answerable for nominating such shameless people at the helm of central bank. Are they the only candidate in the Government or the RMA and did they based on merit, integrity, experienced and qualification? The RAA now need to audit the criteria used and the reasons from the people responsible in appointing them. Please look into the appointment of these people as the first step and now Govt should take this opportunity to correct the wrongs done. It is good time to review and take the central pool of resources available with the RCSC and not necessarily from the RMA .

    Second, the governor and the dy. governors should not only be named and shamed but removed to deter others and set example out of them so that people do not abuse the system to benefit themselves only.

    Third, please look into the case much deeper and it appears more credible with the information given in the Bhutannomics some months ago as the first lead and then look into the share holders of nubri ,licensing, loans and other benefits availed from banks by these three people using their position etc .

    Fourth, Please also look into the connections between the banks esp. CEOs and their dealings with these three people. if there is nothing wrong, then the banks should not be favoring them as well.

    I hope this time the report is not hushed up and then apply our humanitarian gestures for the people as does happen often in our country.

    a concerned annonymous

  2. Tashi Norbu

    Concern should terminate from post irrespective of their rank/background. Please do it if they misuse or involve in corruption.

  3. Dendu

    Eden Dema is the siter-in-law of ACC Chair Dasho Neten. Let’s see how it plays out!

  4. Ngawang Lungrik

    Oops!!! So sad…now we know why there is financial crisis in Bhutan…

  5. Namgay Dorji Rinzin

    No wonder Rupee problem, when Sr. Management of Central Bank is busy with corruption. More talks in public forum indicate something is wrong and it is surfacing slowly. It is called “Lay Jumdre” or KARMA for a negative action you have to reap negative results. It is law of Buddhist principle.

  6. Good n bad

    Law maker should not be law breaker. Now got should take action against corrupted official

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