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Green Public Procurement Project launched in Bhutan

Aug 21, 2014

GPPproject-The Green Public Procurement Project is a strategic approach to scale-up public demand for environmentally and socially preferable goods, services and infrastructure. The GPP project has now been introduced in Bhutan.

The Finance Minister Namgay Dorji launched the Green Public Procurement Project in Thimphu, today.

The project aims to influence public procurement processes, making a strong case for more sustainable purchasing decisions by the government. The project is not only to minimise negative impacts but to generate positive multiplier effects for the environment, people and for the domestic economy.

The project director of the GPP in Bhutan, Kelzang said, the project will address issues on large volumes of public expenditure and promote sustainable consumption and production in the country.

Some of the International Partner Organizations says GPP has many benefits and proved success in other parts of the world.

The GPP Bhutan project for over three years is funded by the European Union with allocated budget of over one million Euros.

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