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State funding for democratic development

Jul 28, 2014

State funding for democratic developmentThe politicians of the five political parties, who recently visited Denmark, said providing state funding to political parties is pivotal in strengthening democratic development in the country.

Fifteen politicians from the five political parties were in Denmark to witness democracy “in action” last month.

Sharing their experiences from the visit, they said political parties in Denmark have benefited due to state funding and said if state funding for Political parties could be implemented even in Bhutan.

However, the Chief Election Commissioner Dasho Kunzang Wangdi said, looking into the feasibility and the strengths of the parties is more imperative than seeking for state funding.

6 Comments for “State funding for democratic development”

  1. Jamtsho

    Political parties, at present and in the future, cannot use the taxes I and other citizens pay for the benefit if political parties. Taxes should not be used for he benefit of the few and bring misery to the majority.
    As a tax payer, I am totally against state funding

  2. Poli

    Haha crap politicians. They didnot learn any other good things but only money money money. Before asking fir money they should ask what they have done to deserve that state funding?
    I think Denmark has so many things to offer then just money you selfish politician.

  3. Namgay Dorji

    You greedy political parties. don’t compare with highly developed Denmark. Don’t you know how much money they donate to world over? Don’t you have that crab brain. Don’t you still feel guilty of bleeding Bhutanese economy? I think we need to go back to full fledge monarchy. We thought DPT will do well and we have seen their dirty face and mind. We opted new party PDP, they are showing worse selfish intention from the year one – I don’t know what will happen at year 4th and 5th. These other new parties sounds kiddish and naughty – If such is the democracy – I would rather spit on it than embracing.

    I have lost a total faith on democracy which will gradually create disharmony in the society. If such intention/acts continue – we wouldn’t feel comfortable to claim and label Bhutan as GNH country.

    Dear Meji Lyonchen, you need to really think hard. You need to control your greedy team.

  4. Karma

    Jamtsho and Poli – do away with state funding and encourage political corruption….that’s what you want right? don’t u guys know about vulnerability of political parties who get funding from big private companies and when the party they support gets elected – they end up doing favours for their sponsors….please see things from braoder perspective

  5. boner

    can’t these people think of other ways to sustain the party than just seeking easy way to keep their homes warm with money in pretext of utilizing the money for the nation’s good. is this only what our politicians can do? doesn’t it show they are just for money into politics.

    • dolma

      Dammit you all money minded …cant you all do better than that??? Now people must be realizing that DPT is better…Meji Lyonchen you have to chanage the intention of those politicians…..

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