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The Youth Initiative- Small steps for a gaint leap

Jul 26, 2014

YouthInitiativeThe Youth Initiative (YI) was started by a group of youth, who say they are concerned about the country and feel a need for a bridge between the policy makers and the youth of Bhutan.

The seeds of this foundation were sown early this year, when the youth representatives from various schools and institutions, and the youth representatives from various CSO, along with employed and unemployed youth representatives took part in a gathering.

The YI members decided that they would try and change policy matters after thorough research and deliberations amongst themselves.

To begin with, this group of young activists, decided to begin with small initiative at a time.

The group believes every small step counts towards bringing a greater change in the society in future.

In the following discussion with our producer Tenzin Rabgye, the YI members share about their hopes and aspirations.

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