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Pre-financing system will continue

Jul 25, 2014

Pre-financing system will continue-“In order to enjoy the benefits of a sound economic system, it is of utmost importance to build quality roads,” says Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay.

Lyonchhen meet with a group of engineers and accountants who were in Thimphu to attend a meeting.

Commenting on the Thimphu-Wangdue highway, Lyonchhen said, the ongoing road widening works on the Thimphu-Wangdue highway is quality based. And on this note, the widening works have been decided to go on till Trashigang.

The works are to be carried out and complete within the current Five Year Plan.

Pre-financing system

The meeting also saw discussions on pre-finances, money that is given by the government to undertake projects when the funded agencies take time to release the budget.

An accountant from Nganglam, Thinlay Namgay said, it has become difficult for them to undertake the project works without any advance budget from the government. He asked the Prime Minister if the pre-financing system could be resumed.

Pre-financing is an interim solution of providing money from the government when the agencies who actually sponsor the projects take times to release their budget.

The Prime Minister, responded saying that the government had decided not to support pre-financing as the government had pre-financed a lot of projects with huge amounts in the 10th Five Year Plan.

Adding to it, Lyonchhen said, the engineers and the people at site could, however, submit their issues case by case to the Minister of Works and Human Settlement who in turn will table the issues for discussion in the Cabinet.

2 Comments for “Pre-financing system will continue”

  1. karma

    Funny …now they want to allow pre-financing, which was highly criticized by PDP. Everything they said before is opposite of what is happening.

  2. Tashi

    It is good that the government is serious about the quality of roads in the country. Without quality of roads till now, the nation and people are losing Nu: 2 – 3 billions extra on fuel, maintenance of cars, time wasted on travelling, accidents etc. Once we have quality of roads means the nation will become richer by Nu: 3 billion each and in 10 years, the nation will be saving 30 billion plus its interest. Benefit for our health and environment in not included.

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