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Father accused of raping daughter

Jun 30, 2014

GelegphuPoliceStationA 39-year-old man from Chhuzanggang has been detained by the Gelegphu Police. He has been accused of raping his 16-year-old daughter since December 2013.

The case was reported to the police by the gewog administration. The police had to wait until the examination of the victim ended, to detain the father.

The victim said she was repeatedly raped by her father. The man has denied the accusations.

She had also reported the matter to her teachers. She was suggested to lock her room while sleeping or get admitted into hostel or report the case to the police.

The accused, originally from Goshing, Zhemgang, has three children. They live in one-room house.

The police are waiting for the medical report. The accused will be charge sheeted for rape of child above 12 years and incest with minimum of nine years imprisonment.

13 Comments for “Father accused of raping daughter”

  1. Kezang Dorji

    The father should be given life prisonment for raping his own daughter.

  2. kinlay

    needs different law….. hang to death

  3. Drukpa

    Shameless creature, No humanity. God will not forgive and also our Bhutan Law should not forgive him if he is realy accused; He deserved the world’s highest penal code of punishment

  4. stobgyll


  5. Norbu Drukpa

    Lo, here comes another animal in human form. His dick must be dipped in 100 degree mustard oil. What a shame for the community.

  6. Gurung Maya

    This is very disgusting news even to hear. All of we general society must join our hands to curb such degrading social issues like this one and hottest issues of divorce cases and robbing of chortens in our country. This is a social character corruption which needs to be done something to curb so that we all are safe and secured. Thanks.

  7. Kuenzhangla

    Hellow fellow friends, lets protect our daughters and sisters and mothers and grandmas from such inhuman and cruel deteriorated human characters.
    Such deteriorating inhumane social characters should be addressed and must condemn by the society. We must make a home of safety and security for our daughters and all alike.

  8. Wangmo

    What do we society need to do to protect our daughters from such violence, exploitation and abuse??? at the age of rapidly changing society in deteriorating characters. Are we not supporting enough to help protect and save our daughters security and safety.

  9. Choekee

    Oh God, to whom can we rely and trust now. Human beings become animals. They only bother for their wants and fulfilling own desires. Safety and security measures to be addressed when our society is changing fast in a
    deteriorating behaviors in search of material wealth, happiness and pleasures.
    Do we all need to work together to make change the GENERAL SOCIETY’S BEHAVIORS of this present age.

  10. Sonam Gyeltshen

    Today’s Thrims are very light. Such type of fathers should be discarded or eliminated immediately. SOK THRIM is required here. Shameless father ! Otherwise, His Census should be removed instantly.

    He does not deserve to be a BHUTANESE.

  11. Neema

    དུས༌ནི༌མི༌འགྱུར༌༌༌༌༌༌༌མི༌རྣམས༌རྒྱུར༌བ༌ཡིན། This quote is said very appropriately. These days we people are fast changing towards cruel and corrupted habits that are harmful to general society’s common welfare and customs. At home, both adults and children stay wearing short skirts/winners and bras and stay half naked. Both in outdoors and indoors, our social disciplines are fast vanishing. The clothes they wear reveals everything.

    No body seems taking care of our society disciplines simply saying… its individual responsibility and no individuals does it responsibly and with accountability. That’s why we see every unwanted things are happening in our ruined society.
    Something needs to be done please.

  12. Dema

    For all beings, actions will not go to waste, but will bear their fruit, And when Karma ripens, there is no way to change its outcome,
    So now, while you are fortunate still to have some control,
    If you insist on bringing ruin upon yourself, who will ever save you.

    Is there anything that we (from the society’s side) can do to help curb such issues/crimes in our society. Are we general society not responsible and accountable to save our daughters and sisters.

  13. Fhaa-Ngen

    The sentence line “They live in one-room house.” made me think that we should do a survey on living conditions and housing conditions of people. In my locality also, some family members live in one room, cook in that one room, sleep in that one room, entertain guests in that one room, study in that one room and do everything in that one room. We do not know why do they have to live in one room and do everything in one room.

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