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NC defers pay raise

Jun 20, 2014

NC-DefersPayRaise----The National Council decided its members will not accept the pay raise finalised by the National Assembly, at the moment.

“The National Council has decided to abide by our recommendations on the pay revision report and defer our pay revision until measures for expenditure rationalisation identified by the government are implemented and realised,” tweeted the Chairperson of the National Council, Dasho Dr. Sonam Kinga.

Earlier, the National Council had expressed serious reservations over the proposed Pay Revision Report of the government. They said the revision came at a wrong time even as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund hinted that the country’s economy was bad.

13 Comments for “NC defers pay raise”

  1. Dhokdola

    Kudos NC members,
    At least you stuck by your words and showed those shameless MP(s) what is wrong, both ethically and morally. They are the hypocrites.

  2. chencho

    Commendable action by the NC. I dont want to deprive anyone of what is due to them to discharge their functions properly, but the larger financial implications should be kept in mind. The country cannot afford such actions recommended by the pay revision committee at this stage.

  3. shar-chog-pa-ko-ta

    I hope all the MPs and Ministers of ruling government and opposition are reading this. Shame on you all.

  4. migto

    There is a rumor that the National Council was split on this matter. Some members are supporting to defer the pay to uphold the recommendations. Some members found that all required procedures to pass the Pay Revision Report was legally completed and don’t support the deferment. Moreover, National Assembly keeps on reiterating that the house has the complete authority to accept the recommendation of the National Council as per the law. What a pity, that two houses of the country are always on showoff in the public.

  5. nima wangdi

    IT’S great you all are really elected by the people and showing good example.compare civil servants grade vi pay and the housing allowance of the MP. i think it is good enough for them to enjoy without the pay raise.

  6. jsdt

    Lets unite , DPT, NC and people of Bhutan, lets unite to throw PDP. PDP is kicking us

  7. Kams

    NC make more sense then NA. This really a bad time for pay rise even for civil servants.

  8. sonam

    no action only talking business this is what our members does

  9. finduk

    It is good to know that NC is giving a principled response to the NA. Let us see what happens the the pay revision is rolled out in July by the Government.

    • Pema

      There is no comment for the DA and Salary revision but one important thing is regarding mileage rate. Mileage rate should be equally same to every one irrespective of their grades n positions. so it would be fair if the mileage rate should be kept same to everybody. Because there is no difference in the rate of petrol.

  10. D.K. Pithakotay

    Pay commission and the new Government (PDP) are not doing good job because the civil servants are not happy with pay revision, I also a PDP supporter but now no trust with the PDP Govt

  11. Jimchung

    Its really commendable job done by NC. Thumps UP!!!
    All the best in future to all NC la…

  12. Thinley Norbu

    in future thre will lots of parties implementing their logo and pledges stating that there will be 100% independent in our country by providing the resources but its just the fact provided to the far flung people benefiting nothing.to educate people about the constitution is must and they just follow what they pledging not going in depth

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