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NA rejects NC’s recommendations on pay hike

Jun 17, 2014

NA-SalaryHike-- The National Assembly rejected the National Council’s recommendations on the pay raise of the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament and Constitutional Post Holders. The Members of the Parliament, in fact, want their salary raise to come through at the same time with that of the civil servants, which would be from July this year.

The decision came through while the National Assembly members were discussing recommendations put forth by the National Council, today. Thirty NA members voted ‘Yes’,  and three abstained.

The NA members said while they appreciate the recommendations passed by the National Council, pay raise, they said, was proposed and endorsed after much study on the economy.

The Speaker, Jigme Zangpo, said the National Council hasn’t mentioned the exact time frame for the pay hike to be deferred. The National Council had recommended that the Pay raise be deferred given the current economic situation.

The Members of the Opposition said deferring pay raise is not the right method and proposed several other measures.

21 Comments for “NA rejects NC’s recommendations on pay hike”

  1. Ap Do Do

    thank you so much NA members… did a great job!!! just revise your pay.. we the civil servants don’t need pay revision as we are enough with what we get today..

    the reason is, just coz you are pretending to revise our pay, the price of the commodities sky rocket… better not to revise our pay plz..

    With best regards,

  2. finduk

    I thought the NC made a reasonable and judicious recommendation regarding pay raise. I thought the NA members will see reason to it’s recommendation and perhaps tone down the exorbitant rates that are due to be paid soon. NC members also stand to benefit by their decision but they at least had the magnanimity and altruism to make a small sacrifice in this hour of need. And yet the NA has passed this self serving bill which will have far reaching rammifications in in future.

  3. Kams

    Never thought that our NA MPs are that greedy. Did they think of our poor people back in the villages who are struggling to make living when they pressed the YES button. If I were NA MP I will feel too guilty to show my face to the people who trusted and voted. There is no adequate budget for developmental activities but for Pay Raise there is plenty. I think whom to vote in 2018. The present MPs have already dug their graves.

  4. gyem tshering

    So, finally the true colors of the politicians are revealed. In the name of salary revision for CIVIL SERVANTS, they got a way to draw enough money from the govts. budget so that even if they just sit at home after their 5 yr tenure is over, they would have earned more than a civil servant can earn the entire life.

  5. Dhokdola

    I wonder what points were listed by the so called “Pay Commission”. If it was made public, we could have agreed but not this, truly.

  6. Namgay

    Good job done by NA for their own benefit, go on using your power.we will see you at the end or middle of your way. Now you will be happy, but sometime you may have chances of crying.Hungry Govt.and NA members. Don’t show your face to the public and the people of Bhutan. we have never seen or heard such Politician like in Bhutan. Now we are enough for hearing ypur filty and notorous Deleberation in the NA hall. stop your Meeting at NA hall. Go and shout in the open air. workless Members, PM and Miniter.

  7. Rinchen

    Heights of shamlessness… so sad to be see the greediness of our MPs

  8. Singh

    This is interestingly sad and off course this is what MP’s selfishness looks like…. our ambitious MP’s and looks like not dedicated……. But this should never be forgotten,your salary come from those poor laymen’s. Does It look like our MP’s gonna serve our people well???

  9. sonam

    good thought of bringing the electric car. If its good why not all the MP and NA buy the car first to show the good example.

  10. Dhapchulize

    Those who are working in NGOs and private sectors are also suffering from the pay raise. Since the cost of the commodities will raise the negative implication will be on people working with private sectors and NGOs since the pay raise will not happen with us. Thank you so much MPs for creating a very huge problems. NGOs and private sectors should also think about how to go about with this problem. Please MPs think of NGOs and private sectors welfare also

  11. karma dhendup

    All the parliamentarian including Ruling and opposition are quite iritating. All seems to support Civil servant infront of the TV but hiding their true colour in reality. I was watching a live broscast on pay rivision on tuesday, and all seems to support and respect the views and the recommendations of NC, but only few hands rose in support of the NC’s view. MPs who stood and supported the views of NC, they themselves did not raise their hands in support of the NC’s views in reality. it was so disgusting and iritaitng. Now civil servant will sink in poverty for 5 years, and chances for ever if such party exist again. May god safe poor people from selfish parliametarian.

  12. Kapo

    NA & MP(S),
    Now your true dreamed have been achieved. Be happy and have “HANDSOME” Salary in the name of civil servant pay revision.
    Really!!! Who talks more about Civil servants not other than Mongar-Drametse MP, Panbang MP and Dorakha Trading MP (out of 47 NA members)
    Thank you for the above 3 MPs for raising issues on us, As a saying goes” God sees the Truth but Waits”. You will be rewarded for your good deeds and good concern in future.
    Some civil servant do not earn Nu.100,000 (1 lakh) annually, see our head of the goverment “Salary”. very handsome mo…??? Ha ha …???
    Who voted for you, who supported to be NA Members/MP.
    NA members/MPs please have justice and equity in our country. Our country is very small and we have less number of people.
    I think your duty is not to have huge amount of “SALARY”.
    Please do some justic to all……..
    If we cry in the beginning, laughing at the end, “If there is laugh at the beginning, cry at the end”. All the MPs/NA members, Please don’t act like barbarian in the NA session. Speaker sometimes, say behave properly to other NA members but Speaker himself acting like animals.
    concerned citizen.

  13. Kunzu

    Pay revision made by PDP government to themself is totally not fair; its not that they dont know but they do by intentionally.

  14. shaKEY

    all MPs are here not to serve but to rob the country.
    really shameless,workless and hungry MPs

  15. Drukpa

    When country’s economy is very low with depth of 100 billion how can they increase their pay to 100 percent. During their campaign you are so concerned about the country’s depth and economy but how did you forget when you increase your pay to double, housing free, vehicle tax free, mobile free, driver allowance and what else do want free, please!

    We are waiting for the justice from Almighty, may the truth prevail for the benefit of our country and people, pl help us

  16. Watch Dog

    For the sake of revising civil servant’s pay…our greedy MPs and ministers raised their own beyond carrying capacity of our fragile economy!!! So far what they did for we public??? Nothing!!! Most of the MPs are observed sleeping in the discussion without even uttering a word forget about raising concerns and issues of the public!!! By observing such things they don’t deserve already existing pay scale also!!! My dear MPs & Ministers your act of today’s greediness will automatically decide where will be you guys in after your unfruitful tenure!! Your decision of raising pay to civil servants (very minute scale) has already starting giving long lasting depression to us-concern about economic downturn, rising of price of various commodities in markets, sky rocketing house rent…so how can we poor civil servants and unfortunate private employees should live and afford our families??? Nevertheless, we will see you in next round..keys are in our hands to switch on or switch you off!!

  17. Monkeys of Parliament

    I can’t imagine if Bhutan can produce more of such kind of human being called Member of Parliaments (MP) in future. Old speaker has lost his mind-set and does not feel shy to show is true monkey characteristics in assembly session. When people are worried for tomorrows survival, they are busy raising their salary very handsomely in the name of CIVIL SERVANT. So wish our MP(s) a very happy 5 years tenure.

  18. Droji Drollo

    Since there is cold war between in two houses(NC&NA)to get good result. all the money bills should be passed in joint sitting.

  19. TANDIN


  20. Lepo

    Sensitive | June 18th, 2014 at 13:50:55

    Having been a very peaceful and harmonious country for a century, Bhutan is now governed by a group of greedy and stubborn ministers and MPs. Has our constitution given so much absolute power to the ministers? This government pays no heed and respect to NC and opposition MPs. They turn deaf ears to the suggestions of the people and civil servants who have elected them. If people have the power to elect them, don’t we have the right to remove them from power in worst times like this? The speaker has a very clever tactic to pass the resolution. If there is any opposing views from the opposition MPs, he immediately decides to go for voting because he knows all the ruling MPs will in favour. We thought that the government was to see the welfare of the people.

  21. Rangjung Dorji

    Well they got through what they proposed using the unilateral decision by NAs (specially ruling members). NCs members debated and made several reasonable statement and made good proposal but only to deny by NAs members and on top of that fuelled by Hon’ble speaker. Seems like they are elected and conducting the Assembly session to propose their own benefits and comfortable life while many are fighting for survival. With current resolution of the session – it is indeed great GNH for Parliamentarians.

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