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131% pay raise for the PM instead of 92%

May 31, 2014

131percent pay raise for the PM instead of 92percentInstead of 92 percent pay raise for the Prime Minister as recommended by the Second Pay Commission, the Cabinet’s report say the increase would be by 131 percent. But, the Prime Minister says his salary should be kept as par with that of the Cabinet Ministers.

Other Members of the National Assembly, however, said that the Prime Minister should be paid more than the ministers.

If the raise comes through, the Prime Minister would get a minimum of Nu.180,000 and maximum of Nu. 198,000 month.

The Cabinet Ministers, Speaker, Chief Justice, Council’s Chairperson and Opposition Leader will receive a pay increase of 67 percent which translates to a minimum of Nu.130, 000 per month.

The revision is based on the recommendation of the first parliament.

In the meantime, a few MPs of the National Assembly said the information provided by the finance minister regarding the pay hike was incorrect. They said when Lyonpo Namgay Dorji presented the Pay Commission Report; he said the pay scale was worked in a manner that the high income earners were getting a lower percentage raise and that the low income a higher percentage. However, they said the second Pay Commission’s Report, was contradicting finance minister’s statement.

They said there is a huge difference between 20 percent for the Civil Servants and 131 percent for the Prime Minister. A few MPs said the Civil Servants might even get a lesser raise after the actual calculation. They added the raise is not enough to cover the inflation rate.

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  1. cheten tshering

    first of all taking responsibility in parliament please talk about development and progress la

    • pdp

      Did we vote to see the country develop in the hands of these people or see these people develop in the hands of fools like us in this country???

  2. MyBhutan

    Great, feed them some more money to PM and cabinet ministers. And ministers! yes PM deserves more if not yours will be cut down. To dearest PM and Ministers please do refer to our country’s economic, situation and debts. I think we, wait “you” all are getting closer to, achieving GNH, be happy and kill all public. With this pay hike we Bhutanese see a clear future of Bhutan, one of the happiest country in the world. Thanks

  3. bull

    Instead of looking the problems of poor people and increasing their salary …they have increase their own salary and talking useless thing in the parliament about getting low or high salary to them…hello politicians if you are truly dedicated you wont be like this….is this what you all promised to increase the salary in order to increase your own salary…..and what is that 131% i didn’t heard percentage greater than 100…and rember poor people the music of politian is words…its all fake….dont ever trust politicians.

  4. tashi dorji (papu)

    Is sale and price in the market different for different people that increase in salary cannot cover up? We the people of Bhutan felt that all of us irrespective of status or whatever we buy things and stuffs at same price keeping aside bargaining. Just keep increasing salary and do the developmental work when 2017 comes as a means of securing votebank. Good luck and let people get poorer by paying higher taxes to cover up inflation and increase in salary.

  5. Pema


  6. Jigme Dorje

    12% poverty, feudalism, austerity (rumour: one minister using two cars – his prado & his secretary’s fortuner), widen the gap, bla, blah, blah. “All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us.”

  7. Romeo

    As raised by few responsible MPs after actual calculation, the hike is not at all meaningful and the raise is not enough to cover the inflation rate. we have assumed to be 40% including 20% pay and 20% – 25% HR allowance of various levels.

    later when we noticed the debate in the hall, i lost all hopes and then declined to watch further. and the changes in mileage is also no meaning and it is just same after all keeping huge gap as before. now a days most of supervisory level owns their own car. we earnestly request to change something either to 10 or the owner having their cars in their name can claim 16 as professional levels. hope to see some changes asap……….

  8. Kelzang

    Masterstroke.. Tshering Tobgay and Jigme Zangpo

    In the name of salary revision for Civil servants and Local Goverment leaders, you managed to give yourselves a very big raise.

    I hope all the greed civil servants who voted in PDP are happy with your actions now

  9. thinley

    What the hell is our govt doin, rather than increasing the salary low income civil servants, they are increase the salary of ministers, who are already receving an salary more than a one year salary of the civil servents, so I think that our government has to think twice if they are to rule the govt for next election.

    • Pema

      we were happy that the present government had raised the salary of civil servants coz something is better than nothing but the sad thing is regarding mileage level. actually it would be better if the government could keep the mileage rate as same without difference because the cost of fuel is same to everybody irrespective of high n low income, high and low grade. there is no difference in the fuel price when we go to BOD. So we would be grateful if government could make no difference in millage rate.

  10. jigme

    I hope the pay hike is not meant for the Parliamentarians to insure their financial situation after they complete the term of five years and get outvoted. If riches is to be build on the salary, this people should have best run business and earn as much as they could. But here they are hoarding the public money. With this trend,people will be forced to serve as serfs, bringing back the painstakingly and wisely abolished system of serfdom in the country. I say this because ones the low income earners would not be making their end what else can they do, but to serve the will of rich. it is foreseeable that Bhutan turning into plutocratic nation. Can we imagine what this 47 parliamentarians are imagining of this country and her people? These people really need to get down and revisit their traditional value and integrity, but which integrity am i talking about when i didn’t see any in them from the very beginning. However, hope these people will learn from the noise of wisdom the common people of Bhutan are crying out.

  11. Nidup Gyeltshen

    We say that Bhutan is a GNH kingdom and we always consider our representatives and politicians a source of support for us. The salary of all the civil servants are increased and the politicians are always taking about the salary. But hello our politicians did you know you are in such a post because of we the poor people struggling in the fields sweating in sun, wetting in rain hoping to make our lives quite better. But we regrets. Instead of helping the people PM, cabinets, speakers are always talking about salary. Did farmers increased their salary! Because of increase in the salary of civil servants there is high increase in the rates of things. Now think who is affected? Please think before anything is pass or made la. our expectations were like a mountains nut now its in vain mo la. Trashi Delek la we are very fortunate to have our politicians who are selfless and who dedicate their whole lives for the poor people who are always under the trickery la….

  12. gangladrukpawangchen

    when all the civil servants are given house allowances why not gyadrungs. don’t gyadrungs have to stay in the house. Most of the RCSC personals and some parliamentarian and pay commissions specialist are thinking that gyadrung are from same gewog.but some are from same gewog and most of them are from different gewog so why not to give house allowance to gyadrungs.

  13. wang

    PeZ. don’t make fun of National assembly by asking Nu. 1 as an pay allowance. I think you are more than that. so pez. don’t habit out.

  14. Silent observer

    Great……hats off and thumbs up…
    You, politicians are very good at changing your tone… Now you have achieved success and power. Go on; 131% is too less, increase by 200%. Let others be naked, let other feed on porridge.
    Make promise of shoe maker and forget mending shoes.
    PM and MP’s does not pay extra for a bag of rice and others don’t pay less.
    Remember, remember, remember carefully…your salary is running like tiger and our salary is crawling like earth worm. Remember…Others have extra mouth to feed while you got extra greed to feed.
    Remember…your way of running democracy is triggering aggression and may lead to revolution.

  15. dodo

    Some of the MPS during the campaign pledge that they will instead lower the salary for the MPs…….Present MoIC Minister was one such candidates that time who said the salary for MPs woulld be lowered……….

    during the previous government time, current PM was also against pay increase for MPs and now he not only increased for MPs but for Ministers and himself too……

  16. lhatso


    What about the pay revision for the autonomous agency… same as usual or no pay revision.. please let us know.. ALL ARE WORRIED ABT IT…

  17. Gaku

    Dear all, just close the chapter of pay hike in percentage…..why not parliament can discuss the pay revised in lump sum.

  18. Gaku

    instead of PM’s 131% raise, provide civil servant 131% and give MP’s, Ministers and PM 19%, so the lets see the reaction from present government……

  19. Romeo

    if u think deeply the money is from the people who have really struggle and paid tax to the govt. it is their sweat and blood and we must think twice before having huge salary to all the parliamentarians. In this case u have forgotten to work for “Tsa-WA-SUM”

  20. Tenzin Norbu

    The salaries of Corporations in Bhutan like BNBL and DHI companies are higher than the Minister’s and PM, MPs and constitutional post holders. Their move might have been justified by this situation. However, if that be so, then they would have lined up for those posts instead in the first place!

  21. citizen

    MPs are doing nothing extra than civil servants by sitting on that chair

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