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BOIC will be closed if proven illegal: PM

May 31, 2014

NC-QuestionHour-PM-BOIC-.The Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay, said the government will close down Business Opportunity and Information Centre (BOIC) if its establishment is proven illegal. The Prime Minister was questioned on the legality of BOIC under the economy affairs ministry by the National Council, yesterday.

A few members of the National Council said establishment of BOIC was not in line with the law. They pointed out that BOIC’s functions just like any other financial institutions since it deals with money. The NC members said BOIC should have a separate bill which should be discussed in the parliament.

Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay clarified that the budget for the Economic Stimulus Plan will remain with the Royal Monetary Authority and the centre will not deal with the money. He also said the government has not violated any laws.

The establishment of Business Opportunity and Information Centre was approved by the cabinet last December to promote entrepreneurship in the country.


4 Comments for “BOIC will be closed if proven illegal: PM”

  1. hoshposh

    With the precedence that you and your government had set with the closure of the education city citing illegality, do you have any other choice if BOIC is proven to be illegal?

  2. dorjidukpa

    Boic establishment is a new innovative idea by the new government.It will definately help subsistance farmers to improve their livelihood.so I support the good ideas.

  3. Kams

    Close the BOIC and put it under Department of Cottage Industries.

  4. tandin.wangchuk@gmail.com


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