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Pay Commission recommends 20% pay hike for civil servants

May 29, 2014

Pay Commission recommends 20 percent pay hike for civil servants The much awaited Pay Commission Report was presented in the National Assembly, today. As pledged by the government, the report recommends 20 percent salary revision for the Civil Servants.

The Pay Commission also recommends another 20 percent housing allowance for the civil servants. Those occupying government properties are not eligible for the housing allowance.

The Local Government Leaders are expected to get a pay raise of 36-40 percent.

The pay structure for the corporate sector has been set with a difference of about 15 percent from that of the civil service.

The corporations under the Ministry of Finance such as the Bhutan Development Bank Limited, Bhutan Post, Kuensel, Bhutan Agro Industries Limited and Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation are expected to see an increase of 20 percent of the basic pay.

The daily subsistence allowance for the civil service within the country has been increased by Nu. 150 up to 1,000.

Along with a raise of 36 to 40 percent, the Local Government Leaders will also see a raise in their travel and daily allowance.

22 Comments for “Pay Commission recommends 20% pay hike for civil servants”

  1. sangay

    Revision could have been sound better if it is lum sum of Nu.10000 from Elementary workers(Caretakers,sweeper and others) to PM level as there is difference already by the old pay scale.It could have been promoted GNH of every individual who serves TSA WA Sum selflessly.Now,there is a enourmous gap of salary ranges but commodities in the market promote equity by nature.

    Where is GNH gone? Every bhutanese must ask this question………Because,Bussiness community already planned to revise /price hike….in accordance to the highest level of salary
    Secondly,where are those 1000 pool vehicles drives will go? and how to feet 1000drivers X minimum 3 families comes 3000 mouths to be fed,..HOW????????????????????????????

  2. Keshar Nath Dhakal

    Its good to hear that there is a pay hike for the civil and cooperative sector. But government should also do some thing with the private sectors. Some sector of private are quite good enough to hike the salary of their employee but they do not because no one is after them to say.

    Already the price of goods in market has raised and we too live under the same umbrella and had to go with the same price in the market.

    The government should also look/see the rental state of residence for those who all are working at private….

  3. choptong

    this raise in the pay according to the pay commission is not fair. those occupying in the government properties get nothing whereas those people who are using the government properties get extra allowances. it should be made clear that there are two types of people using govt. properties
    1. using the govt. properties without the payment of rent
    2. using the govt. properties with the payment of rent.
    therefore, my suggestion is that those who are using the govt. properties (govt. quarters) should also be given allowance.

    • DORJI


    • TrueCitizen

      Dear Choptong,
      I guess you are staying in Govt. quarter and you still want HA. Are you getting high?

    • sonam

      IT is not fair do u believe, for civil servant.don’t fell happy to here that.you know after getting your salary your pay raise is only 6 to 10 percent. you are already getting 15% you already have. Our present government is cheating the people. their main objective and manifesto(Kurta party)is to lift the civil servant who are getting low salary.

  4. Khartila

    For MPs and Civil servants pay hike 2014 are well good but what about our Armed Forces personnel? coz the PDP won by the elected in 2013 was voted 100% from the postal Ballot by Armed Forces personnel, now PDP almost forgotten about our Armed Forces personnel….why?????????????/

  5. daw

    How about the civil servant on studies are they given this allowance because they have to also pay for the house even when they are on studies

  6. Tokshing

    I support to the point where the Mr/Mrs choptong have given the housing allowance clarification to the commission….I truly unhappy to the pay commission for not given the housing allowance to the civil servant those who are using the government colony…So please think that the person who are using the government housing have also a people of Bhutan and also civil servant that they have their voted to their good leader for expecting that they have also hard that they have a pay allowance and Housing allowance too.

  7. tendel wangchuk

    Wow, it is very great to learn the pay hike for civil servant of 20% but by seeing the hike in different level, I could foresee the future of low income group where high income group people will drive land curser whereas low income group will dream in the dream of driving car, (hope it will increased the taxes with different set of level as like pay hike, I believe the weapon that could break the gap between low income group(poor) and high income group (rich) was the only way of equal increment(not by percentage) or imposing different set of taxes based on the income….for different level. Indirect or directly government is forcing the low income group to eat low quality of food which affects the health of the people and ultimately resulting to more death from low income group. The price of the goods and commodities may not be different for different level.
    This is my personal opinion not to defame laa.

  8. thinley

    just 20% for civil servants who work so hard for their living, and more than 100% for the ministers and P.M who rely on the work done by the civil servant. i think our government has to think twice to this situation, as we all live under same shelter, i think there should be not be such a difference in pay hike, as we all eat the same food, wear same cloth live under same shelter. i don`t think we the civil servant live a different way of living, eat different food, wear different cloth etc, so if it is the case foe the civil servants, i would say it is not fair for the government to pass this act.

  9. K

    Salary revision?
    Be happy T.Tobgay, Tshogpon J.Zangpo, all the ministers for your
    good salary revision. Enjoy it till 2018. If you are satisfied, no need of thinking about others. You have done good to civil servants increasing 1000 to 2000(especially think grade 17-1) how much difference you made in pay.
    Enjoy quata Nu.10,00,000 x 67 = 670,00000…say no budget to low income wheareas 670,00000 is nothing for the Government…?????

  10. sonamdorji

    why there is a difference in mile age?. It should be equal to all the civil servants, if they can manage to procure their own car. I ruminate that all kinds of car will consume the same amount of fuel so i don’t see any difference and even every one uses the same route throughout the realm.
    I strongly feel that there should n’t be two system under one roof.

  11. Kapo

    Salary revision will be benefited to only elected candidates.
    I am proud of Drametse Ngatshang, Panbang, Paro-Wangcha NA candidates for their valueable suggestions in favor of the low income salary but
    Government is regid may be theirs mission and vision is achieved.
    Richer become richer and poor remains poor.
    What to do, We have to work even our salary is low……????

  12. From Gelephu

    I want place my suggestion here about the MPs salaries.
    Regarding MPs salaries, 20% increase in their salaries and vast increase in PM. That difference should not be there. Infact what I feel is, it would have been good if the salaries of misnisters and PM is also increased with same percentage as they are also elected by the people. And let PM and ministers and speakers, get allowances for their post as follows: Ministers’ allowance, PM’s allowance and speaker’s allowance…
    The very reason is that MPs are elected by the nation as a general and ministers and PM are not elected by the people.
    And regarding the MPs allowance for pool vehicle…which is Nu.700,000 to Nu.1M. After the term, what will happen with the vehicle bought which is bought by the MP Vehicle Allowance. Will it be a Government property or they will take as previous government. So I think this is going to create chaos is the system.

    want to see the change…

  13. Public Servant

    I was kind of shocked to know that those occupying govt.houses are not eligible for HRA.
    Does that mean people occupying government houses living free till now??

    We are paying handsome amount till now.

    If we are not eligible for HRA,govt.should pay 20% of our basic pay to our organization,so that the organization ask us to pay the rest if it is not sufficient.
    Its all right if we dont get the cash in hand.

  14. choptong

    what is the meaning in pay hike??????????? this govt. is really a cheat. they are cheating the whole nation. the pay hike is only for the ministers. they do not look at the larger benefits of the citizens. the national speaker needs to accept the proposals made by the opposition members. they said that first they will discuss it from the civil servants but ignored mainly to raise the pay for the ministers not for others. now, it has endorsed that there is an increase in pay therefore, obviously there will be increase in the prices of the commodities. pdp govt. let see in the next election.(2018).

  15. rightwaytothink!!!

    the revision could furnished in this way would have much better laa: 30% for 5 to 10 thousand, 20% to 10 to 15 thousand, 10% to 15 thousand and above. because it is obvious that the low category remains with not much changes whereas higher jumps up further.

  16. Karma

    Expected Pay Revision to be somewhat like this….

    and………………………………..so on……

  17. Karma

    Oh! No support from ruling party MPs for civil servants pay raise. Guess you all are happy.

  18. thinley


  19. Dorji Rinchen

    It would be better to give lumsum of
    Nu. 5,000 /-minimum to 7000 for all according to the budget.

    And it would be very much nice and grateful if our gov’t could reconsider and take it back to table again in parliament ( joint seating).

    Seems most are not happy with pay hike.
    I still believe in PDP party and hope PDP will see,hear and think to do something to gain people’s trust.

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