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An indoor Khuru tournament in Paro

May 26, 2014

IndoorKhuruKhuru is one of the few traditional sports still prominent in the country. A recent tournament in Paro, had made the game even more interesting. The matches were played indoor in an ordinary building.

The tournament organiser, Pema, owns the building. He said the ground floor of his building was designed for a mini archery pitch for tourists.

“I got this idea when a few tourists asked me if there was a place where they could play the sport. Since there is no such facility as such, I thought it would be a good business. So I constructed the building in this design.

“In the daytime, tourists come to play archery and at night the locals used to come to play Khuru, so I decided to hold a tournament,” said Pema.

The rules of the game are the same. The distance between the two targets is around 10 metres shorter than that of the normal pitch.

Pema said players didn’t care much for that. What they want is enjoyment and competition.

“All they really care about is the competition and the desire to perform better than the others. It has become even more fun since the players don’t have to be cautious of their jokes,” he added.

His idea was welcomed by the players and spectators alike. “It is interesting. We don’t have worry about the weather,” said one of the players.

The Organiser said the response to his idea had been wonderful. He plans to hold more tournaments in future.

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