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Great Climate Change debate held in Thimphu

Apr 29, 2014

Great Climate Change debate- Bhutan is considered highly vulnerable to climate change but some say trying to curb economic growth to address climate change distracts attention from more pressing problems like poverty and disease. This was the topic of the Great Climate Change debate held in the capital, yesterday.

A Professor of economics from Guatemala, Dr. Chistopher Lingle, said though climate change is real and happening, economic development depends on good economic policy of the country.

“Because it goes against human nature. Nobody wants to remain poor but if they remain poor then something is interfering with them and the most powerful force in any country that would be an obstruction would be government policy.”

Dr. Chistopher Lingle said changing policy has big national importance.

The participants also raised concerns about global agreement on climate change and rewarding the countries, which are keen in protecting the natural environment.

More than 30 participants took part in a daylong debate on Great Climate Change.

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