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Training on controlling Chinese Citrus Fruit Fly held

Apr 22, 2014

Training on controlling Chinese Citrus Fruit Fly heldTo mobilise the community, two-day training on controlling Chinese Citrus Fruit Fly and Powdery Mildew was held in Tsirang. Chinese Citrus Fruit Fly attacks matured fruits. Female flies also lay eggs in unripe fruits. Studies have shown that the maggots feed inside, rendering the fruits useless and causing them to drop prematurely.

The Fruit Fly is a major problem in mid and high altitude citrus growing areas.

The National Plant Protection Centre and National Citrus Programme under the Department of Agriculture, in collaboration with Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector, is advocating the farmers on the possible intervention in terms of managing the pest.

The Senior Plant Protection Officer, Dr. Kiran Mahat, said the pest menace can be stopped if the community comes together. Since the issue is about mobile pest, Dr. Kiran said a person cannot attain the level of control single-handed.

About 70 Farmers Kikhorthang attended the workshop. They were taught protein baiting. Protein baiting is a method used to control pest by spraying a protein mix when the eggs are still not laid.

They were also taught fruit drop collection. From mid October, the farmers have to collect dropped fruits every 10 days. The fruits should be thrown into pits. The process destroys the larvae and pupae.

The agriculture ministry is providing technical support along with sprayers and protein for the program to be successful. However, the officials feel the responsibly to control citrus fruit fly is a collective effort. They say everyone is the vicinity will have to follow the management strategy.

The programme was funded by the Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research. The programme was held in Dunglagang Gewog, as well.

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  1. Rangdol

    Is this the only measure to control citrus fruit fly??
    I find this is not reliable since this method have failed so many times in many other countries.I will be pleased if other measures which is so continent to control this pest in citrus??

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