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iSchool project launched

Mar 29, 2014

PM+Houghton signs the MoU +iSchool project+Bhutan Telecom Limited, Ericsson India PvtLtd-MoEThe Education Ministry, in partnership with Ericsson India Pvt. Limited, and Bhutan Telecom Limited, launched iSchool project in Thimphu, today.

The project is based on the global initiative, “Connect to Learn”. It will allow a few teachers to reach hundreds of students through video conferencing technology.

Ericsson has deployed video conference technology to all the participating schools. Bhutan Telecom provided high speed broadband connectivity to connect these schools.

PM at the launch of iClassroom-There six participating schools under this pilot project.

The Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay, launched the project.

Lyonchhen said the idea of the iClass is to share the best of teachings with other schools. “Let’s suppose the quality of English is deteriorating, the idea is identifying the best English teacher and shares them with other schools.”

The Prime Minister said it is not about replacing teachers.

The other idea, he said, is forcing technology to work. “The fiber optics is in 205 gewogs, who are going to use them? If we don’t use them it is as good as no technology.”

Lyonchhen also added that while the six participating schools will have live interactive sessions through video conferencing, the other schools can get access to lessons online.

The Ministry of Education says that upon the successful implementation of the project, they are planning to extend the initiative to remote schools across the country.

The Director of Department of School Education, Karma Yeshey, said it will benefit the remote schools where they have not been able to send experienced teachers.

He added while they are planning of expanding the initiative, they are also aware of the challenges.

“The first challenge will be technology. How will we get the connectivity? Even though we have optic fiber in almost all the gewogs, the challenge for us would be how to take the connectivity from the gewogs to the schools.”

The other challenge, he said, would be sustainability. “But I think…we should be able to overcome all this.”

A memorandum of understanding for the implementation of iSchool project was signed between Bhutan Telecom Ltd, Ericsson India Pvt Ltd and the Education Ministry.

5 Comments for “iSchool project launched”

  1. Noname

    Without cheaper and faster internet, these things are of no use!! We we don’t even have projectors in classes, this is very far away from our reach for now of course unless the quality of internet service improves drastically.

  2. thinley

    If the reporter could have kindly mentioned names of those schools under study, the public would learn whats more with transparency.
    Common, we also like to know the reporter for futher feedback and suggestion

  3. Manjid Kumar

    with this project, ministry of education would allow teachers to resign to look for better job…

  4. dokdo

    How embarrassing it would be? Suppose I am an English teacher and I am being told that the teacher from the iVideo is better than me and that I allow my class to watch iVideo with me sitting silently on the chair. What will the student think of me as a teacher.

    Somewhere there is this hidden mistrust for teachers at large. The solution is to train the teachers which might be cheaper than ischool. ischool means an ICT personnel in each school + equipment (a flat screen TV in each class x __ rooms x __ schools)+ server + internet cost + computers. After setup, suppose Ministry decides to downgrade or close the school. Sounds like latest version of EduCity from the new government.

    Train the teachers, they will be mobile and useable anywhere in Bhutan.

  5. Manus 2013

    Wow, fantastic idea to overcome teachers shortage in the remote schools but I think it would take another few years to thoroughly orient everyone specially the fellow teachers in the remote schools

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