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Endangered Golden Masheer fingerlings released in Rongrichu

Mar 29, 2014

 GoldenMasheerFor the first time in Bhutan, the National Centre for Aquaculture in Gelegphu hatched about 1,200 Golden Masheer fingerlings. The fingerlings were released in the fresh water of Rongrichu, yesterday.

The Centre, after many attempts, was successful in developing a breeding technology for Golden Masheer in February 2013.

The Programme Director, Namgay Dorji, said Bhutan has limited species of fish in its river, compared to other countries. “Of this limited number, Golden Masher might be the most likely the centerpiece.”

The eggs were extracted from 500 parent fish. They were kept in the fishery for a year before it was released in the river. Currently, there are about 2,000 fingerlings that are four days old in incubation. They will be released next year.GoldenMasheer-

The species has become extinct in some countries. But it is still found in the Himalayan belt like Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and India.

In Bhutan it is mostly found in Punatsangchu, Mangdechu, Sarpang and Zhemgang.

“We are trying to reinforce the natural population of this wonderful and endangered fish so that the negative impact of the development activities is counterbalanced.” Namgay Dorji said it the nation’s effort to conserve this fish Golden Masheer.

There are seven species of fish that are bred at the fishery in Gelegphu including the Golden Masheer.

The fishery supplies about one million fingerlings to 700 farmers throughout the country.

Having successfully hatched the fingerlings, the centre plans to refine the breeding technology and enlarge the incubators.

There are only two fisheries in the country, one at Gelephu and the other one in Haa. Gelephu’s aquaculture, established in 1984, is the oldest.

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