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2,000 acres of forest destroyed in Wangdue Phodrang

Mar 28, 2014

ForestFire-WangdueA forest fire, which has been raging since Tuesday, in Wangdue Phodrang has already destroyed 2,000 acres of forest. The fire started at around 7:30pm from Pangtsho.

Difficult terrain and wind are making it harder for the fire to be contained. Army personnel from Tencholing Training Centre, Dzongkhag Forest officials, Police and Local People continue to battle the fire.

4 Comments for “2,000 acres of forest destroyed in Wangdue Phodrang”

  1. Chorten

    We are still fighting fire like medieval period.Can’t the MoAF invest in some decent gears and equipment?

    Why should I volunteer when the ministry itself is not so serious about it and risk my life?

  2. Pema Thinley

    its all due to human carelessness…..there is nobody to blame

  3. langchu

    the department of forest and ministry of finance should really look into the matter of budgeting and supplying basic fire fighting equipment before we all start blaming each others.

  4. namgay wangchuk

    at this time it would be useless to blame one another. best way to prevent would be to educate the people on it and make the people realize

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