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Should Tsamdro and Sokshing belong to highlanders?

Jan 29, 2014

NA_tsamdroThe National Assembly, yesterday, also deliberated on Tsamdro and Sokshing. The Gangzur-Minjey MP Karma Rangdol asked the Agriculture and Forests Minister if it would be possible to grant ownership of Tsamdro and Sokshing to the highlanders.

In response, the Agriculture Minister, Yeshey Dorji, said the ministry is working on implementing the provisions of Land act 2007 pertaining to Tsamdro and Sokshing, which were suspended by the previous government.

The Minister added that as per the land act 2007, Tsamdros and Sokshing will be reverted to the government. The highlanders will instead be allotted Tsamdros and Sokshing on lease based on their needs.

But some members raised concerns over the highlanders’ ability to pay for Tsamdros if it is to be leased out.


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  1. Karpo

    They already discussed at their home. Pretending to ask questions and pretend to decide which is already decided. Now, it has come to affect the Bhutanese culture(Brokpa)

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