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NA Amendment Bill to be deliberated

Jan 28, 2014

NA-AmendmentBillThe National Assembly Amendment Bill of Bhutan 2014 will be deliberated in the coming days of the Assembly session. The legislative committee introduced the Amendment Bill in the house, yesterday. The committee was directed to review the National Assembly Act 2008 in the first session of the Parliament.

The Chairperson of the Legislative Committee of the National Assembly, Lekey Dorji, said they are proposing to repeal the Speaker’s Act 2004 and National Assembly Committees Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2004. These Acts, he said, will be now be incorporated in the National Assembly Amendment Bill 2014.

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Lekey Dorji said the Section 40 of the NA Act says the election procedures of National Assembly Speaker, Deputy Speaker’s powers, roles and responsibilities have to be referred as per the National Assembly Speaker’s Act of 2004.  “When we reviewed the Speaker’s Act 2004, we found out that many provisions of these Act is not in accordance with the Constitution, and NA Act.” He reasoned that the Act came into being way before the introduction of democracy.

One of the main mandates of the committee was to look into a uniform resignation clause of National Council, National Assembly and Local Government Acts. These, they said, was very difficult.


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  1. darjay

    Our new govt will sell our country within their 5 years term, because they always relay with Indian gov. Now everything freed like movement of immigration,custom and the people of India always says present govt.is like the same as indian govt, they will do what ever they want.This words shocked our people. Our govt is not making friendship but they gradually going to sell our country, what ever they demand is always yes.

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