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An operation help put smile back

Sep 27, 2013

palate-and-cleft-lip-MonggarOver 70 children aged between, six months to 17 years, attended a week-long surgical camp for palate and cleft lip in Monggar. Of the total, 40 were operated at the Monggar Regional Referral Hospital by a few experts from Singapore and the United States. The camp ended today.

Combination of genetic and environmental factors, along with various other unknown causes are said to cause palate and cleft lip.

“It is fairly common all over the world, so it’s not just a problem only found in Bhutan,” said the Pediatric Anesthetist from Singapore, Dr. Josephine Tan. However, she said, it is a problem that can be easily treated by surgery. “Once they are corrected children will return to full function, meaning that they can eat properly, talk properly and grow properly.”

Parents, from as far from Haa and Zhemgang, gathered in Monggar to treat their children. Most of the parents were delighted with the initiative.

These volunteers have been sponsored by an international organisation, called Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an international children’s medical charity aiming to heal children’s deformed smiles worldwide.

The surgical camp is being organised by the Tarayana Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.


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  1. sangay phuntsho

    great work done by operation smile and tarayana foundation of Bhutan. hope to organise in the future too. even i also saw the children at mongar referral hospital and co-ordinators of smile operation and eastern tarayana co-ordinator working hard for tha la

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