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NC to put up recommendations on hydropower projects

Sep 27, 2013

NC-HydropowerThe National Council today decided to put up recommendations to the Government to look into the current situation of hydropower projects and its impact on township development. This came up after discussion on policy issues that were not part of the agenda.

The submission of the Wangdue Phodrang’s National Council member, Tashi Dorji, was when construction of Punatsangchhu hydropower project began, construction of buildings in Bajo town began too. It was aimed to provide accommodation to the employees of the hydropower projects. But now, he said, the project has plans to construct housing colony for its employees and this was already reflected in the detailed project report which was not known to the people. His proposal was to discuss any detailed project reports of hydropower projects with the stakeholders including people in future.

The house then came with recommendations to the government to hold discussion with the stakeholders on detailed project reports of hydropower projects in future. The house also decided to recommend the government to look into the current situation of hydropower projects and its impact on township development. The session will end tomorrow.


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  1. dorjila

    Project housing is not a new issue. previous projects were carried out by the government of india and we have been seeing construction of this type in any project. in case of wangdue, housing in bajo totally came in line with the project kicking off and project employee going out is nothing to be surprised of. it will solve the housing shortage drastically at least for civil servant.

  2. POWER555

    Its the headache of people. The people must have known the nature of their business and endeavors. The project/project authority never commandeered or demanded their businesses. It is the DOG who came to avail the tear of meat. But dog should have known if this meat could sustain forever.

    The projects/any organizations almost will have their own colonies, business, entertainment and other facilities needed. This is for their goodness and is their own way of culture. It enhance their performance, saves time, enables their working and employee social environment, conduce work and life styles, etc etc. The company has their right to promote the right things for their better sake unlimited by their capacity and capability.The construction of colonies is not a new trend.

    Nevertheless the growth in the community that had raised in conjunction with project upcoming is not useless. This is how the economy came up. The projects has its own way of benefiting people lining with its CSR policy. It brings road connectivity, electricity, township, hospitals, schools, etc in the name of project. This is how economy builds. But to blame upon some company’s capability and its potential plans that fosters its progress is very awesome.

    MAY BE THOSE who are going on constructing BUILDINGS BUILDINGS may have to THINK OVER in this kind of case. IN NEAR FUTURE EVERY COMPANY, ORGANIZATION, RCSC, etc etc will have their own colonies. All industries, RICB, Fosestries, BPC, DGPC, Forces, etc have their own colonies for their employees.


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