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National Council passes recommendations on national budget report

Sep 26, 2013

NC-passes-recommendations-on-national-budget-reportThe need for a separate budget to deal with human-wild life conflict, to emphasise on agricultural growth and inclusion of inflation control measures are some of the several recommendations passed by the National Council, yesterday. The recommendations were passed after extensive deliberation on the national budget report for the financial year 2013-14.

The members also discussed extensively on sector-wise budget allocations.  They pointed out the importance of focusing more on increasing the agriculture productivity.

“To achieve our target of self-reliance, it is important to increase our agriculture productivity.  For that the main concern right now is the human wildlife conflict. I think we should accord top priority to this issue,” said the National Council member, Tashi Wangmo.

Another member, Nima Gyeltshen, spoke on human-wild life conflict. He said Nu.10 Million has been kept aside for solar fencing for the southern part of the country. “We need similar budget to deal with human-wildlife conflict for western Dzongkhags.”


“There is a need to include inflation control measures in line with our fiscal, monetary and economy policy in our next budget report.”                   

MP Tashi Wangyal


Some of the other recommendations submitted by the members are the Detailed Pproject Report (DPR) for hydropower projects to be looked at by a third party and feasibility study to improve public transport services among others.

The members also emphasised on the procedures of allocation of budget in the dzongkhags. “It is time to give importance to the Local governments,” said Zhemgang MP Pema Dakpa. He said the budget, at the moment, comes under General Public service.

Bumthang MP, Nima, said a huge chunk of budget has been allotted for the ongoing Chiphen Rigphel Project. He said since so much investment has been made, there is a need to study the benefits of such projects.

After a lengthy discussion, the members passed the recommendations. The recommendations will be submitted to National Assembly for the deliberations.

The House then unanimously adopted the Budget Appropriation Bill 2013-14. They also adopted the Supplementary budget Appropriation Bill 2012-13.





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