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Laws disallowing parliamentarians from resigning?

Sep 25, 2013

parliamentarians-ResigningThe motion to review and amend acts, to refrain the elected members from resigning, was moved in the National Assembly today. The National Assembly, National Council  and Local Government Act do not restrict the elected members from resigning. Also, none of these acts have provisions that impose penalties on those resigning.

The members of the ruling party supported the move citing the implications on resources, especially, during the elections.

The opposition agreed to support the motion provided the discussions tabled are conducted with the realm of proper procedures.

The members have agreed to review and amend all three acts. Besides, the legislative committee has also been asked to study other provisions from these acts that could be in conflict with the Constitution.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly members, yesterday, decided to discuss the Right to Information Bill in the winter session. They say there is still a need for a thorough discussion.

The Speaker, Jigme Zangpo, informed the members to educate people on the provisions of the bill during their constituency visits and return with feedback for discussion during the winter session.

The speaker also asked a nine-member committee of the bill to consult legal experts to finalize the draft.



3 Comments for “Laws disallowing parliamentarians from resigning?”

  1. yewong

    we support what opposition says

    • Yeshey Tshogyal

      I dont support Opposition as ECB didnt accept the local leaders from Thimphu who requested to resign, They told them to refund the expenses incurred during the election. But when it comes to DPT MP and former PM ECB have easily accepted the Resignation that is also on the ground creating Jobs for Younger One. ECB net is only for the Small fish and even Parliamentarians are of Same. Did former PM refunded the expenses cost during the election.

  2. kasathinley

    Resignation on anti-incumbency factors,moral ground,health reasons should be considered.

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