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The government will form Pay Commission: Tshering Tobgay

Aug 30, 2013

PayCommissionThe Prime Minister,Tshering Tobgay, said that they will be forming a Pay Commission to review the salary and allowances of Civil Servants and Local Leaders, soon. He was speaking to the media, yesterday.

 “The Pay Commission’s responsibility will be to review the salary of all public services as per their duties but at the same time looking at the current economic state. After their study they will be submitting to Cabinet,” said the Prime Minister.

Asked how much government intends to save by initiating austerity measures for the Cabinet, Lyonchhoen said adopting austerity measures for the cabinet was very important given the current economic scenario and ever-increasing current expenditure.

“It is important to know that whatever work we carry out, we should not spend excessively. That is why we adopted austerity measures for all the 11 ministers with regard to their security, transport and domestic staff.”

The Prime Minister said they did not calculate how much cost they will be able to bring down. “We don’t need to calculate. My expectations were with this measure, we will be able to focus more on our work.”

Lyonchhoen added, even the civil servants, corporations and private sector should stop spending excessively amid the current economic situation, and work towards strengthening the country’s economy.

The meet the press session also saw media asking about the government’s economic stimulus plans, the sustainability of the ‘meet the people’ programme among others.

The new government also said they will continue with the meet the press session every month, initiated by the former government.


17 Comments for “The government will form Pay Commission: Tshering Tobgay”

  1. piru

    Your Excellency,
    Do you mean that economy state of Bhutan was better when you campaigned to form government. We have believed that PDP or DPT has worked out the cost before making promises such as pay hike for civil servants and local government officials. It is government duty to also come up with some standards on payment structure in private sectors.

    Even before announcing your pay hike, PDP is already paving path for an excuse which will be naïve and silly. In fact, I would appreciate if austerity measures are enforced to all citizens irrespective of power, institutions and level in the public domain. We appreciated PM and Ministers for making sacrifices which some people still thinks as a means to sustain political mileage though. But a real government concerned about the country and its people future will have to look into inculcating tax culture. Please discuss how to tax and save money in government offices and in other spending areas rather than just sticking to few elite of cabinet members.

  2. jones

    New gov. dont have much work..all development activities were started by former gov..only need to supervise the work.. and do somether work like pay hike

    • Gyamso

      What I felt was this government did already calculate and accordingly promised to grant 20% pay rise for civil servant during their campaign.

      It appears different now.

  3. Lili

    Dear jOnes and peru,
    what you guys are upto. Well..as per as my concerned you guys dnt have to hate the new govt.so much. Everybody knows this is very young democracy. have clean head and think in positive way and appreciate the things.

  4. sourly sweet

    Yes, it is important to increase the pay; more over its in schools that problem is seen; more facilities for teachers to improve the quality education of the country

  5. sandy

    i don’t belief on new govt. policies. please be faster and dont break ur promises. we will not vote next time, if u tell lies.

  6. stobgyll


  7. Anna

    If I am allowed to share my views, yes spending should be decreased but on luxuries which will not generate any income or profit. The total discouragement of spending on all items would be harmful since unless we invest we cannot generate returns. For e.g livestock and agriculture farms, unless we invest we cannot generate revenues. Therefore SMART spending is more important than just saying reduce spending. I remember a story where three men were given 1 coin each and asked them to return after 10 years. The 1st man was scared of theft so he dug the pit and hid there, the 2nd deposited in the bank to get some interest and the 3rd invested in business. After 10 years at the time of return, the first man gave 1 coin as it is, the second had some interest and the 3rd had building, land, car and the 1 coin too. Therefore its better to sensitize than just force.

  8. Khanglag Wangchu

    Although I am a satisfied man with what I am paid for or earn; I am being made to spend more by peer pressure of HIGH HOUSE RENTS being charged by building owners. This problem of unaffordability to meet both the ends when basic living costs are already HIGH which goes beyond our earning level. There is a vast gap of rents between Private buildings and govt. buildings. When govt. quarter rent is only Nu. 3,000/-; the private building charges us Nu. 6,000/- just the double rents. But it is very difficult to find a govt. quarter and by peer pressure we have to live in private buildings which they take away all our hard-earned money leaving us empty pocket to feed our family members. Thanks.

  9. Zhenphen Dendup

    Good news to hear and it would be quite nice if the gaps of housing facilities to all salary earners are also looked into la. Some of us get free accomodations, some of us get certain % concession of rents free, and some of us never get any govt. quarters and by peer pressure of lack of housing facilities have to live in high rent private buildings which half of our salary goes to only house rent and find difficult to manage our daily bread and butter. We pray and hope for our kind new govt. to kindly look into this prolonged housing facilities gaps and issues la.

  10. Tshering

    Its well known plan of this government that they wanted to form the govt, by hook or crook and thats the main reason they have fooled the public. I wonder a lot by seeing the size of loan they have taken for 11th five year and they have blamed DPT for making debts. They will try to find many reasons to prove their lies made during the campaign time. Now its better we remain cool and concerntrate on our own business rather than uselessly begging them.

  11. Manus 2013

    Its high time for the new government to immediately discuss about and work on the tenancy act and fix the landlords and tenants before working on the grant of 20% house rent and the pay revision

  12. Lhatshog

    Like others have opinioned, it would be thankful if HOUSING ISSUES is also being considered to discuss as it directly involves with the Salary which half of it is being taken away by HIGH HOUSE RENTS.please…

  13. sucker

    don,t act like DPT,We all are waiting for ur promised before vote day……….

  14. Tshela

    Dear New Government,

    its no offence to your government begging your promises in return to our publics vote…therefore, you should look into the matter at the earliest…for instance a person in supporting cadre have to reside beyond thimphu city fearing house rent and had to come to office in Hejo, Langjophakha and kawa jangsa have a multiple and countless problem travelling. if that person have to come by city bus, they are spending half of their salary on travelling, another half on house rent and left with nothing to feed the family.
    thus, we are expecting the pay revision and your 20% house rent at the earliest so that we need not have to run to another bank askig for the loan or to approach for the boss for the salary advances. the new government have calculated the sources from incountry and ex country to supplement the revision and the promise that they made is must to be fulfilled, though they did minor things to eyewash the innocent voters indirectly and claiming the same past thing…
    PDP…we are waiting to see your promise and revision

  15. bayong

    really new gov.is helping a lot in the country compared to formal gov.thanked pm tt. really he is the seeds of bhutan

  16. Bikash Chhetri

    one thing we would be too greatful if goverment reduce the pay scale between gr.Vlll and Vll.
    Thanking you

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