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Falling Rupee’s Impact on Bhutanese Economy

Aug 28, 2013

FallingRupeeThe value of Indian Rupees against dollar is expected to further plummet to Rs.70 against one US Dollar. It stood at 66 rupees against one US dollars as of yesterday. Could the decline of Indian Rupees against dollars impact Bhutanese Economy since Bhutanese Ngultrum is pegged with Indian Rupees?

We bring you a full discussion along with Royal Monetary Authority’s Governor, Daw Tenzin, and the Professor of Economics at Royal Thimphu College, Sanjeev Mehta.

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  1. Kams

    If we depend too much on other countries even for simple basic necessities, then we will be affected. Making our country self sufficient in terms of food is very crucial so that we dont have to import starting from rice to oil. If rupee continue to slip such items will be very expensive and our people cannot afford. Hardest hit will be the people in urban areas. So people in urban areas brace for the worst.

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