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Pema Gatshel’s old age home

Aug 23, 2013

OldAgeHome.Pema Gatshel Dzongkhag has a home for old age and elderly people. It is located at Phara, around eight kilometres away from the Pema Gatshel town. There are 20 of them living there right now. Some of the people said that the home would go a long way in helping the elderly people in the Gewog live a peaceful life by reciting prayers.

“We are getting older day by day. We are afraid of dying. We have done good deeds and bad at the same time. Children are grown up now and they provide rations for us thinking that we could pray and stay rest of the life,” said Tsampa Tshering.

Dorji Wangmo said time has come for her to pray for her next life. “One day or the other we will have to die and death is inevitable, so it is better we pray.”OldAgeHome

Some of the elderly people thanked the government for providing electricity but they also laments their sorrow for not having proper drinking water supply.

“We are facing the problem of drinking water. Before it was not the case but later it happened here and this was the main challenge for us,” said Tendri Wangdi.

Tshampa Tshering said that being old it was challenging for them to fetch drinking water on jerry cans on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, they have reported the issue to the Dzongkhag administration and are hopeful that they will soon receive proper drinking water supply.

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  1. peemas

    well done.. gud job..the one who planned this job will be really have long & peaceful life.TSHE DICHE NYE LU PHEN BI CHOE..I salute u whoever is.!

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