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Jigme Zangpo elected as the Speaker of NA

Aug 2, 2013

NA Speaker

The Monggar MP-elect Jigme Zangpo has been elected as the Speaker of the National Assembly this morning. He was elected through secret ballot during the 1st sitting of the National Assembly of the 2nd Parliament of Bhutan. He secured 42 ‘Yes’ votes out of the 46 votes cast. One member abstained from the voting.

Deputy Speaker, Chhimi Dorji

NA Deputy Speaker

According to the National Assembly, the functions of the Speaker is to preside over the National Assembly and enforce its rules for the orderly conduct of the proceedings, “preserve dignity and decorum in the hall and maintain discipline amongst the members, sign the Bills passed by the National Assembly, represent the National Assembly in its relation with the Druk Gyalpo, the Executive and the Judiciary; and establish inter-parliamentary relations.”

Meanwhile, the Lingmukha-Toedwang MP-elect of Punakha, Chhimi Dorji, has been elected as the Deputy Speaker. He also secured 42 Yes votes out of the 46 votes cast.

According to National Assembly website the Deputy Speaker will preside over the sitting during the period of the Speaker’s absence. “He shall also perform the duties of the Speaker and every such act performed by him shall have the same effect and validity, as that of the Speaker.”

5 Comments for “Jigme Zangpo elected as the Speaker of NA”

  1. Kams

    Tashi Delek to the Speaker and Dy. Speaker.

    • Sharchop kota

      I have seen him as most dedicated person to tsa. Wa.sum.
      And m happy that he got through this election
      And tashi delek la

  2. Sharchop kota

    Why isnt national speaker wearing an orange kabney as other did before ..m pretty sure he deserved orange kabney and also he has more experience then many of the minister now .. m really disappointed as what he is wearing …

  3. SNJ

    Tashi Delak to Both the Speakers

  4. GangkeR DorjiR


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