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Falling boulders pose threat

Jul 31, 2013

Falling-BouldersA huge boulder that rolled off some 60 metres from the ongoing court construction site in Zhemgang landed on the family quarter’s roof at early hours today. The boulder weighing approximately 120 kilogram could have killed them had their roof not been strong to withhold it, say the family members.

“This is not the first such incident,” one of the family members told BBS. The haphazard construction, without taking into account the safety of the nearby dwellers, is putting their lives at risk, according to them.

A similar incident had taken place at the same location earlier this year.  A huge boulder had fallen on the roof of a Wagoner Car. Luckily, the driver and passengers had escaped unharmed.

The people living near the construction area says lack of proper monitoring by the concerned authority, is causing such negligence.

BBS did try to get in touch in the concerned officials but they were not at the site. The workers at the location refused to comment on the matter.



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