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Price of tickets a deterrent to many football fans?

Jul 24, 2013

King's-Cup-2013The King’s Cup which began on July 20 has created immense excitement in the capital. Nine football teams from Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal have all played at least once in the league, now. There has been no dearth of fans at the Changlimithang stadium as well, although there have been complaints that the tickets are too expensive.

The Changlimithang Stadium was built to accommodate as many as 10,000 people. The King’s Cup’s highest turnout in the last six matches was 1,700 only. The lowest turnout, so far, has been recorded at 800.

The price of tickets may have been a deterrent to many football fans, as we gathered while talking to some at the stadium.

Woezer Events, the main organiser of the King’s Cup says they have arranged ticket prices with affordability in mind. Kinzang Wangdi of Woezer Events shared with BBS that they really have not considered a profit from this venture.

With 12 more matches till the finals, one can only wait and see if tickets really influence the turnout at the Changlimethang stadium or if the price will be trumped by one’s love for football.

19 Comments for “Price of tickets a deterrent to many football fans?”

  1. Zinda

    What is price of ticket?

  2. Ganglem

    I was eager to know the price which has caused the low turn out of spectatators as mentioned above but was disappointed to know it wasnt mentioned. Sems the above news is only for those living in tphu. Y bring such news if don kno hw to satisfy the readers. Content and topic doesnt match.

  3. rngdl

    We want to watch every match, but we cannot afford paying 150 every time.


      dun say like that wai.. what people from out side will say..Bhutanese people are scared of 150 bucks? let us just join & make some fund for them tey mena?

  4. bamin 55

    Althogh it describes too expensive but why the price/amount in figure is not reflected so that we can suggest or can give cooments. What is the reasonla………………..

  5. Anna

    150 is expensive, should be 50 only

  6. Kams

    Price of ticket is Nu. 150 and only 1000 people come. If the price of ticket is Nu. 50, 5000 people might come. Which one is profitable? Simple maths…

  7. Kinga

    I’m a football fan and wish to watch every match played but the cost of ticket is Unaffordable. I wish if the cost of ticket is 100/- or less so that their will be profit for organizers and football fans. Organizers are trying to kill the golden goose which lays the golden eggs.

  8. karma

    “have not considered a profit from this venture”-comeon grown up learn to speak some truth it will ease your trouble mind. the more truth is out lesser the burden for your mind.

  9. The world is watching

    y U No let us watch the match online-streaming ..
    – Football enthusiast abroad

  10. signo

    I guess the News collector does not know what news really means? why do you want to share an incomplete information, which keeps everyone guessing for the rest of the information.

  11. leoman

    Bring down ticket price to Nu.60 or 100 and see the stadiu m full house. Nu 150 is expensive

  12. Sonam Tshering

    150 ticket cost and 40 parking fee charge makes it almost 200/- per match.

  13. dargo

    I strongly disagree with the statement made by the organiser saying that (wait and see if tickets really influence the trunout at the stadium, or if the price will be trumped for the one’s love for football).The fact is the price will be trumped for those who have excess money and for those who earn a little will have to sacrifice though they love to watch the match.All is well,but im sad that why students have to play this huge amount,they should have some consideration, afterall they are the future players of this land.

  14. Thridung Nima

    u socer phobians of thimphu atleast can watch the king’s cup whateve the price of the tickets. whereas us can’t watch even on Tv, why it is not televised streaming live n exclusively. at night in the news too, only news is broken with inaccurate file picture, not showing the critical plays or the goals scored. how can this beautiful sport grow in this country???

  15. dorji

    “Woezer Events, the main organiser of the King’s Cup says they have arranged ticket prices with affordability in mind. Kinzang Wangdi of Woezer Events shared with BBS that they really have not considered a profit from this venture…”

    if that was the case then Mr. Kinzang should set the ticket price at Nu.50. Then, there’d be a huge turnover of football fan… 150 is way to expensive. But, any venture taken up anyone seem to be always eager to make quick money…

  16. Khem

    I too believe that the price is high. Because during my college days in india, i used to watch 1 match with just Rs.40 which is worth paying. But Nu. 150 for every match is too expensive.

  17. Rinzin

    The matches covered so far are gone with first match telecast live.This we undrestand because atleast there would be some change in Bhutans socccer ground if not in soccer skill after the collection of money.But why not if the final match is telecast live???

  18. hhh

    is bhutanese way of making profit. They want to become rich within nite. The price of ticket is huge?? wat a organizer think off wen he set the price? R he wise in fixing the price? Be wise in making decision for many people. its not ur family will watch football match.

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