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PDP’s supporters fined

Jun 27, 2013

The Dzongkhag Election Dispute Settlement Body in Pema Gatshel penalised three People’s Democratic Party’s supporters and the Tshogpa of Loongkholom Chiwog in Chhimoong Gewog today. They were fined Nu.3,000 each, for calling a zomdu or meeting in Loongkholom and for distributing visiting cards of the candidate. They are not registered members of the party.

The Tshogpa of Loongkholom Chiwog was penalised for not being apolitical and also helping the supporters call a zomdu. There have to pay the fine within five days.

The case was reported to the Election Dispute Settlement Body on June 20 by a Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s supporter.


18 Comments for “PDP’s supporters fined”

  1. ugen

    Now m reali woried abt the future politics in Bhutan… :/ ..

  2. pim pong

    This is the second time PDP folks are fined…. how many times more??

    • Judgeman

      PDP will always blame and makes many means to win from DPT but they are all fooling by themselves see everyone of us how PDP’s party are practising the corruption even before they come to power think about the future how they are going to treat our innocent people.Anyway GOD sees the truth but WAITS.

  3. sonam gyeld

    who is doing corruption? PDP or DPT …


      DPT tey.


        do u know why these happened? coz PDP don’t care what the DPT parties are doing as he thinks the power is in the hand of people. But DPTs are always finding wat PDPs done as DPTs wants the power to torture Bhutanese innocent people. DIRTY MINDED DPT. Phap Awa thoel dey ma tshoel ma ray.

        • S Norbu

          You meant, DPT is doing corruptions and PDP is fined. Crazy ECB????, To my knowledge, the fined has to impose for party who is doing corruption. I am puzzled. Hope you are not telling lie KANDY HEARTY

    • sonam

      Policals are al corruption,but among them v ve to c best n better party,,

  4. anti-forum

    Now people of Bhutan should analyse which party is most corrupted. This is very small portion known to public but lots of such cases are happening behind door by PDP.

  5. Sonamwangmo

    No matter how much money PDP give to poepl or meetings PDP organise in pemagatshel, DPT will win. They don’t have any chance against our ex PM JYT and ex minister zangley dukpa.

    • samdrup

      “Rang gi zhu Awa gi gang di yub zha”.. “Ro gi guto gu lay she jo rung thong may”.. shameful guys DPTs., DPTs are very expert to hide wht ever u have done..but PDPs very stupid.. they dun know hw to hide.. “Toh za bay kha cha mey”.. like DPT.

    • sonam

      sure sure no doubt 8 al,easten wil win DPT,,god bless our party,,,

  6. sonam

    I am really confused as we hear lots of complaints and blames games going on…..it is always towards DPT but shocked to see PDP side being fined….and this is second incident.

    So, it feel like only a blame towards DPT and unethical practice from PDP….with such penalty shows the real nature of party.

  7. Echo sound

    ECB please we want to know, which section allowed you to fine nu.3000/-for this dirty offence.
    As per penal code section 450 Unlawful assembly.A defendant shall be guilty of the offence unlawfull assembly, If the defendant is with four or more person for the purpose of engaging or preparing to engage in violent coduct deleterious to the Public order and tranquility,shall be a misdemeanour, Prison term ranging from 1 year to three years, so that fellow should be penalise as per this section.

  8. dorji

    PDP and its dirty tactics to get votes. I am sad and worried

    • chekudorji

      The readers are ask to leave the comments back on this page but i don’t know how far is this effective in bringing the change, since it is being considered as baseless but whereas for me its a great deal in deed since most of the predominant parties has already taken a shot and snap a photos registering them in their parties, as in the place like longkolum with very handful of households its permissible in nature i do think that if few are already registered with some one and others remain as idael due to religion or etc, therefore, who should call for meeting the least remaining one or two public. ECB must reckon the thing for future.

  9. sonam

    dear lungkolumpas,,,do not reject wat partys offers you for your golden vote,but do not loses your vote for your party,,,,

  10. goodgirl

    Both the party is doing same to win the election and they did same. But the problem is DPT hide their negative side and try to blame and complain the PDP .Incase of PDP they don’t hide their negative side and also they don’t care what DPT does. That’s why You all DPT supporter are barking non stop .

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