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Cattle die of Black Quarter

Jun 27, 2013

Zhemgang--Cattle-die-of-Black-QuarterA total 16 cattle died this month alone in Nyakhar village under Nangkor Gewog in Zhemgang. The livestock officials said they were suffering from Black Quarter. It is an acute infectious and highly fatal, bacterial disease of cattle.

The animals started dying early this month with suspended rumination or excessive salivation. To prevent the outbreak, livestock officials immediately vaccinated the animals. The locals are advised to bury the dead animals and isolate the infected animals.

The farmers will not receive any compensation for the dead animals.

3 Comments for “Cattle die of Black Quarter”

  1. bhutjolokia

    Black Quarter will be on the hunt until the Gold Scripture is reinstalled in Nyakhar Lhakhang.

  2. bamin 55

    Blackquater is dreaded disease of the animal and highly contigious to human in touch to the flesh. It can transmit to men through contact of blood/saliva/ any fluid of the infected or dead cattle. Consuming of meat is very fatal. So please beware of it and be very careful. There is no link with old Gold scripture, may the believe inherited from the ancient time by our grand parents.

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