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A bridge over River Mao again?

Jun 25, 2013

Bridge-over-Moa-KholaOnce again, Mao River is in the limelight. Both the parties, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), are promising to build a bridge over the river, which never follows the same course. Will the voters buy it this time?

PDP’s Gelegphu candidate, Gopal Gurung, said they will immediately look into the feasibility of constructing a bridge if they come to power. “It is the dream of the people of four gewogs to have a bridge over the Mao River. If the PDP gets elected, we will ensure to start construction within five years,” he said.

DPT’s Gelegphu candidate, Karma Donnen Wangdi, said the promise to construct a bridge over Mao River, this time around, is definite. “It is included in the DPT plan. We have also looked into the cost. This time we are surely going to construct it.”

Some people living across the Mao River, who came to listen to the debate, were sceptical if the promise will be kept. “We are doubtful if they can fulfill their pledge when the country has so much debt,” said a Chuzangang’s resident, Karma Tenzin.

However, he said even if they cannot build a motorable bridge, a suspension bridge will suffice.

8 Comments for “A bridge over River Mao again?”

  1. ngawang khando drukpa

    It is good promised by both the parties, but it is still questionable WHEN? HOW? and with WHAT?
    What about the southern Rail way and bridge over Mow Chu? As excuses made several time before.
    Gelephu will shine and light in the darkness for the four gewogs.

  2. druk khan

    To gain seat in Parliament is the right of contesting candidates and to provide is the right of voters. Candidates can plan as they can and twist the brain of voters and at same time voters must analysis too whom to vote. Every individuals must calculate the economy status of our country. As Druk mentioned How? When? with What? are questionable.

  3. Shersarpa

    Good new from both the party, Hope who ever wins they will keep their promises. Not like 2008 promise… prem khola.

    A bridge over Mokhola will benefit our public more then the air port, where plane never fly’s.

  4. Dup

    Prem Khola Bridge had changed to Wangdi and Gurung Khola Bridge this time Hahahah…..

  5. Rngdl

    DPT got their chance already to built but couldn’t do it, so its turn for PDP.

  6. Prem Gurung

    Good news for us who live on the otherside of the river that that we will have a bridge each in each and every 5 years time. The Only thing is that we have to wait and wait and wait and wait for another another another 5×5 years long.
    So the quote qouted as “Rome wasn’t built in a day” was a very wisest man who made us understand very wisely.

  7. goodgirl


  8. Thsering Shakepa

    Lets not be another stupid mena my dear freinds, DPT has not at all plan as per Karma Donnen Wangdi and they are giving blind promises to win the vote so i request all my dear citizens to think properly and vote so lets give a chance to PDP this time. I think better taste a new menu mena rather than chewing all the time that same rotten bone.

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