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Four elections related cases dismissed

Jun 23, 2013

Election-Dispute--Kanglung-Samkhar-UdzorongThe Dzongkhag Election Dispute Settlement Body in Trashigang has dismissed four election related complaints submitted by both PDP and DPT. Three complaints were submitted by PDP against DPT and one complaint submitted by DPT against PDP. The complaints were dismissed after both the parties did not submit additional information called by the Election Dispute Settlement Body.

Meanwhile, the first hearing of the complaint lodged against, PDP’s Kanglung-Samkhar-Udzorong candidate was held yesterday. PDP’s Norbu Wangchuk is accused of speaking about party coalition, spreading regionalism and asking people not to attend DPT meetings in a campaign meeting in Udzorong earlier this month.


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  1. Nidup

    ECB should take up the critical ones and forget the nagging complaints from parties. Both parties will like to win and the stake is even bigger for DPT. Therefore all these complain will emerge.

  2. sonam gyeld

    This political process became dirty all of a sudden with DNT’s 7 candidates joining PDP. One of the candidates Norbu Wangchuk and DNT’s secretary Tenzin Lekphel wer the first to pronounce that DPT is for the east and PDP is for the west. Norbu Wangchuk repeated this statement several times on BBS and in the common forums. Then, Tek Bahdur of Samtse and Jigme Zangpo of Mongar extensively talked about the worsening of Indo-Bhutan relations which is not at all true. So, the DPT candidates were forced to make response to those allegations. All in all, PDP candidates are responsible for making all such sensitive issues in their desperate attempts to pull down DPT. Now, ECB rightly issues this order, let’s see what PDP has to say.

  3. bamin 55

    Why many of us seems to support DPT? I respect only PM, others are old model and high time to step out those who has been so many years in the service before adoption of democracy and still like to continue. Chance should be offered to middle age and latest model candidates to serve the country. There are many old models in the both party but more in the DPT. This will distort the balance of rich and poor. Likewise changing according to capability the oppurtunity to be given to the latest model.

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