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Greener Way wins Global Entrepreneurial Award

Jun 7, 2013

Greenerway--Wins-Global-Entrepreneurial-AwardGreener Way, Bhutan’s first private waste management firm, started by Karma Yonten and his team, has been awarded the Global Environment Entrepreneur of the Year.

It was awarded by a leading non-profit initiative present in 40 countries, called, the Youth Business International. The Prince of Wales is the President of Youth Business International.

Karma Yonten-Global-Entrepreneurial-Award

Karma Yonten

“I am deeply honoured to be representing Bhutan in receiving this award. Our beloved King’s constant encouragement to the youth has been to strive to be the best not only at national level but in the international arena as well. Therefore, I feel doubly blessed to be able to be an example for my fellow citizens especially who are on their exciting entrepreneurial journeys” said Karma Yonten.

According to a press release, Greener Way is one of the pioneering entrepreneurial projects supported by Loden Foundation out of 54 entrepreneurial projects spread over 14 different districts. Loden Foundation is one of the Civil Society Organizations in Bhutan.

Karma Yonten accompanied by Loden’s Special Executive will be flying to London in September 2013 to receive that special award.

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  1. leoman


  2. Druk gi mee

    Well done..keep it up…u ppl really done the best and showed the gud example to Bhutanese ppl. And also u ppl fulfill our beloved kings’ THUKDUEN. U ppl. are real Bhutanese & I salute 4 u ppl.

  3. sangay tangbi

    congratulation… may your all the Bhutanese get blessed by your profound vision

  4. Churrkarm

    Congrats to Karma Yonten. We want more citizen like you who works for common people for common purpose and common welfare. You are being blessed and will be blessed for ever. Good people always work for common welfare of this world and his country.

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