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ECB resolves cases related to primary round of election

May 30, 2013

ECB--Press-REleaseThe Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) has resolved cases related to the primary round of election.

ECB says the People’s Democratic Party’s allegation of bribery against the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s Candidate-designate in Jenkana village of Sama Gewog in Haa has been found to be baseless.

“There is no clear evidence or witness to substantiate and prove bribery by the DPT Candidate-designate,” according to ECB’s press release.

The Commission says it has reminded the Dzongkhag Election Dispute Settlement Body to exercise due diligence in handling the complaints lodged with it.

ECB has warned DPT and its Candidate-Designate of Jomotshangkha_Martshala, Norbu Wangzom for failing to be mindful during the election period.

The warning follows investigation into allegations lodged against Norbu Wangzom by PDP.

PDP’s village coordinator Tan Dorji alleged Norbu Wangzom of bribing three villagers by giving them clothes.

ECB’s investigations revealed the clothes were sent by someone through Norbu Wangzom to be given to the needy. Norbu Wangzom in turn had asked her supporters to deliver the clothes.

While Norbu Wangzom was not involved in bribery as alleged, the ECB, however, said it was “gross negligence and carelessness on Norbu Wangzom’s part to have undertaken the delivery of the goods and asking her supporters to distribute them during the Election period.”

ECB is also presently following up on four other separate cases. The cases pertain to allegations of non-permitted public gathering in Tsirang, distribution of free issues of the newspaper “The Bhutanese”, entertainment being provided at Party meeting in Punakha and campaign meeting held beyond the permitted hours in Trashigang.

The ECB, meanwhile, had already issued a Public Notice warning social media sites for violating campaign embargo during the 48 hour ban.

The move came after DPT filed a complaint on the matter with the Commission.

ECB said zero campaigning 48 hours prior to the poll day is important to provide voters with the space and time for reflection to make a clear decision on the poll day. The ECB, therefore, had asked concerned social media sites to immediately withdraw all such contents.


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