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Zhung Dratshang opens child care and protection office

May 26, 2013

HH-ChildProtectionCentreThe Zhung Dratshang opened its child care and protection office in the capital, today.

His Holiness the Je Khenpo inaugurated and consecrated the office this morning.

The office is set up to address issues related to the rights of the monks and nuns aged below 18 years. The office will examine if monastic institutions are providing quality education, healthy and clean accommodation facilities to the monks.HH-ChildProtectionCentre.

The office will also give legal protection to the monks and nuns who have been deprived of their rights.

Located in Hejo, opposite to the Supreme Court construction site, the office will be manned by a committee comprising of eleven experts and few other staff.

The construction of the office was carried out with funds from the NCWC, while the equipment for the office was provided by the UNICEF.

3 Comments for “Zhung Dratshang opens child care and protection office”

  1. Sanja

    what a great initiative!

  2. Druk gi mee

    Lama kheno..lama kheno…lama kheno… chap sum che. kutshe tenpa sho… our beloved Je Khenpo…

  3. Bamin55

    Child protection netweork has to be extended in the region, district and even in the local government level in future. Howevr this will depend upon the policy. Becuase awareness of the child protection below the age of 18 years is under the blanketcover. This is common in kheng as I noticed physically and the local government heads are not aware including community people of such act. Many of them married before age of eighteen, then get divorced internally after having one or two child. Such problems are existed since many years. Only by surveillance and survey may reveal the realiaty. So that extending and adopting this facility in districts and Geog level will enable to reduce the problem. Thamks.

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