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Man stabs wife and himself to death

May 25, 2013

A man stabbed himself and his wife to death this morning in Bongo Gewog under Chhukha Dzongkhag. Both of them were teachers of Alaykha Primary School. The incident is reported to have happened before seven this morning at their home.

The husband is believed to have first stabbed the wife four times on her nape and then stabbed himself following an argument between the two.

The couple is survived by two daughters. The eldest one is studying at the school in class three. The younger daughter is four-year-old.

The eldest daughter woke up around 7 am and immediately rushed to inform the Principal of the school. By the time the principal arrived at the scene, the wife had already died. And shortly afterwards, the husband too is said to have succumbed to stab injuries.

Police are investigating the case.

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  1. Visitor

    Aiiiiiii what a sad things to happen in a peaceful country. Pity to two daughters. Om mani padme hung.

    • Tshering Dema

      selfish father! it is so sad to know that Bhutanese people are learning from the worse and not from the good….i cant imagine about the two daughters…plz god bless them and give them enough strength
      to overcome this..

  2. namgay wangchuk

    It was so horrible and terrifying to hear such news….that too on Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana,,, Let her soul rest in Peace n may Her Daughter and Son find strength to move on in life,,,,

  3. ugyen

    Beware! every one, especially those selfish husband. Y do they dn’t die themselves beside killing the mother of small kids.
    Never thought about the future of small kids. ‘God’ Bless her soul.
    Remember ‘jealous’ is not love. Sacrificing/winning the heart of ur beloved one is called love.

  4. raggu

    I pray to God that the two poor daughters have a kind hearted relatives to bring them up to livelihood.

  5. Bamin55

    By fortunate and due to welbeing of the past life we are borne to live but not to die early although it may after 70-80 years. Two orphan left hehind without father and mother to call. Their bondage permanently damaged for the present life. Very sorrow and unable to resist the emotional feeling when such educated person comit. Pray for good health & care to come to the surviver. Aiiiii what to do so sad…………

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