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Dr. Lotay Tshering, the final entrant of DNT

May 5, 2013

Dr-LotayWith a Urologist, officially, confirmed as their final candidate, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) has all their 47 candidates.

At a press conference, yesterday, the Party President of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa, Dorji Choden, confirmed they have all the 47 candidates with their last entrant being Dr. Lotay Tshering. The Party President said with the completion of the attestation of candidates and other requirements, they are ready to submit their Letter of Intent to the Election Commission of Bhutan.

“DNT is happy to inform that all our candidates are now complete. In terms of composition of our candidates we have mix bag of age and profession. And six of our candidates are women. Now DNT is ready and we will be submitting our letter of intent to the Election Commission of Bhutan tomorrow.”

After the payment of over Nu.6.2 million to clear service obligations, the Royal Civil Service Commission, accepted Dr. Lotay Tshering’s resignation from the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital as a urologist.

Speaking to BBS, Dr.Lotay shared that although it was difficult for him to complete all procedures with the Commission in the last three months, it was a conscious decision of his to join politics.

“I think people do not understand clearly that I am not leaving this profession and the profession is going with me. I will always remain a doctor and I will practice my profession wherever I am  so I am not at all sad when people say I am leaving the profession  because in practice I am not.”

He also said people don’t take politics seriously. “Everybody say politics is dirty and politician are corrupt which I don’t want to hear and believe that because politics can be as clean as any other profession and I personally feel today when I get this opportunity to put my citizenship above my profession to serve the country as best way in possible.”

Dr. Lotay will contest as the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa candidate from South Thimphu.


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  1. Tex

    an urologist / a urologist???

  2. Tdorji

    Dr. Lotay’s motive is not politics. He is only only looking for a way out. Otherwise why would he join a weak group. He is right, he will always remian a doctor and will take it to greener pasture after the election is over. That’s not being smart but sneaky.

  3. Forum_user

    As soon as DPT came to power in 2008, the government slashed the 45% allowance for non specialist doctors. In-spite of raising 30% pay, the doctors take home pay got reduced by 15%. When the issue was raised at Trashigang to the Ex-PM JYT, he was angry.
    Zanglay Drukpa could not look after the well fare of health staff, particularly on the issues doctors have in spite of knowing their problems. He only gave lip service on many occasions.
    Now, a loyal doctor such as dr lotay has also resigned in the pretext of joining politics but in fact he is not happy with the system. Many doctors will resign in future despite of strict restrictions imposed on doctors by RCSC and MoH making the doctors the bonded labourers for life time. USMB/ medical college will be a big failure. The project has already eaten a big bulk of expenditure. Shortage of doctors in Bhutan will continue unless working conditions and system improve.
    I presume, most health staffs and particularly the doctors will vote for DNT ( Dr Lotay Tshering and Dr Tandin dorji is there to hear the voices of health staffs). It is unlikely many will vote for DPT again. Dr Gado who is a candidate for health minister from DPT may be another reason why many health staffs will not vote for DPT because he did nothing to raise the morale of health people while he was there in the MoH for a long time. Instead the image of health ministry got bad to worse.
    If health staffs should think of their profession, it will be big no to DPT but looking at the country as a whole, i cannot say which party will be better. Lets wait and see what is their plan for health family.

  4. Som doji

    Some people just are not happy with what they are. Running for the power! quite a professional; urologist!

  5. Leko

    It is “a Urologist” and not “an Urologist”

  6. lhajigs

    its indeed, every one resigning to join poiltics are looking for the name and income, if he is loyal and satisfied with his profession, why he is leavin his service? one didn’t pursue the course for the politicians and once government has accepted his or her service as professional, he or she should be humble enough to be in his position and serve the purpose. people may think every one is doing for the good cause..but the case can be worsen, the absence of surgeon and urologiest will have another burden that the patients have to refer to other hospitals in India…its not a noble cause and its not a wood case to defend on some ones behalf.

    I agree what ever there is small shortfalls by DPT, they achieved a big thing too…everyone must feel proud and health family voting for any one will have no impact and even better if someone judge before punching the button….

  7. Sonam Dorji

    all the health staff might vote for DNT it is possible, they are concern for the people not for self pocket like DPT

  8. T Dorji

    Bhutanese are now matured and sensible enough to judge a person and will vote accordingly.

  9. kasadawa

    Before dreaming about medical tourism or medical universities, get basic things right in the first place.

  10. karmala

    paying Nu. 6,200,000 to join a new political party is a risky decision. I hope Dr. Lotay has a good job offer from abroad.

  11. pem

    Dr. Lotay thought of joining politics a three yrs back and he has started his politics .. nt serving the country but beging the vote … no vote frm we people

  12. rigs


  13. karma

    vote for him and you lose a specialist, vote not for him and you still keep a specialist. Coz if he looses, he will continue in his profession in pvt.

  14. don

    everybody has the right to do whatever he wants and whenever he wants in life guys,,, so lets not make a fuss about this whole thing…. If Dr. lotay wants to join politics knowing he can serve better then whats wrong in it,,, wish him luck and thank him that he has served so many sick lives all these years,,,, now he is moving futher to serve the whole nation in a better way that he thinks,,, if he gets elected its well and good, if he does not, what he does after that with his life is his own decision, i dont think anyone needs to worry about that ,,,,, he has given so many valuable health educations via dungtsho bbs, benefiting so many people,,, that ll be missed surely,,,, now he is shouldering bigger responsibility…. good luck doctor

  15. Dorji

    What would he do when good for nothing people disregard services rendered by him? When egoistic management in MoH, RCSC and Government as a whole pull him down to ground level, it becomes obvious for Dr. Lotay to take such decision. I would recommend such people like Dr Lotay to be made the president of DNT so that they can challenge head on JYT.

    • malang

      mp salary per month=50,000/-
      5 year=50000x12x5=3000000/-
      but doctor lotay has to refund 62000000/- to government.waht is the logic behind that…???

    • jigme jigmi

      whatever u took was wrong from side, coz being a specialization doctor u should be helpful to people either joining in polities as if he win by chance i think his professional work of doctor will not continuous in future, so it better not vote him right now

  16. thinley wangchuk

    Intention of the Dr. may not be to earn money or gain fame through politics, specifically, he calmed down once and settled with what health ministry proposed, somehow he made some genuine comments in the media about some thing, somebody made some hurting comments again, and Dr. was being threatened, thereafter, things took sea change and Dr. finally resolved to be a part of DNT.

  17. Mongggar

    Though I support DPT, I still feel that Dr Lotay was not satisfied with the medical system. What can people from non-medical background heading ministry of Health know about challenges of Doctors. They do worse work than Army. What do they get and what does our brainless and mostly work-less Army Officer get? There is mountain of difference…..

  18. krack

    Don’t worry that the people will slid the votes to DNP as they are fade-up with the current government.

  19. Sonam

    Dr. Lotey has been amongst the most humble and dedicated doctors of the country,however his resignation has made all of us forlorn. We respect him as a special doctor and we see no point in making such decision. We are now reminded with his initiatives, his repeated appearance in the telecast, his humbleness and most of all his personality. He is not humble, but intended to be humble, not a politics by profession but by heart he has always been a corrupt politics. He is taking advance of our innocence, country’s respect and most of all people’s trust.

  20. chokey

    DNT is best amoung others. Dr. Lotay has chosen the right party..appreciated!!! All the best for you and the party as well…

  21. pap

    probably his ego is too big to digest the letter from RCSC. Good doctors not necessarily can become good politician…it is proven, he is perhaps a good doctor. So, maybe, we should keep him as doctor only by not voting him. At least he will practice his profession even if it is not in bhutan, he will practice elsewhere in the world and that will benefit people. So, maybe u should not make him politician. what u guys say? ….just my personal opinion and nothing against him personally coz i don’t even know him.

  22. Gyan

    My sincere & simple comment is; Respected Dr. please don’t barren our livelihood country. Be with us, your requirement in this society is infinite, forget about fame, property, power, position etc. There is nothing above the genuine honor that you are getting already from your people. Till now you have given only life to them and hereafter you have to rule their life. Till now 100% likes you, hereafter less chances even by 50%. But you have already swallowed the capsule and option left is just result. Good-luck. sincerely.

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