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2 new species of Rhododendron found

Apr 25, 2013

Rhododendron.Two new species of Rhododendron have been found in the country. These species- now named the Khochii-var album and Princenamgiae- were discovered by forest officials at Dochula while collecting rhododendron flower specimens for the upcoming Rhododendron Festival, says the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

Khochii-var album

Khochii-var album



Khochii-var album has white flowers while Princenamgiae has pinkish flowers. Princenamgiae was named after His Royal Highness the Gyaltshab Namgyal Wangchuck.

The Ministry states these species never existed before in the country and they could be endemic, but only in Bhutan.

With the inclusion of these two new species, Bhutan’s Rhododendron diversity now increases from 46 to 48 and the Royal Botanical Park at Lamperi now boasts of 31 wild species of Rhododendron within the park’s zone, including the two species.

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