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Over Nu.17 million for NC campaign fund

Apr 17, 2013

NC-ExpenditureThe Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) will be spending over Nu.17 million as campaign fund for the 2013 National Council elections. It is an increase of Nu. 5 million since the 2008 National Council elections.

There are 67 candidates contesting in the upcoming NC elections. Each candidate has been given

Nu.130,000 to cover campaign costs. The total expenditure amounts to Nu. 8,710,000.

The candidates can use the fund for direct campaign purposes, such as hiring public halls, as communication expense, for production of manifestoes, and acquisition of stationery.

The ECB will incur an additional cost of over 8 million ngultrum on campaign materials for candidates. The campaign materials include posters, banners, and placards.

Candidates will, however, have to bear the expenses for designing and production of campaign materials, while ECB will foot the bill for printing.

The cost for advertisement in media, both broadcast and print is also being borne by the Election Commission.

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