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Media Lab for Bhutanese youth

Mar 31, 2013

MediaLabThe Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy has launched the first-ever Media Lab to offer Bhutanese youth easy access to digital media technology and to boost their confidence and ability in expressing their views and opinions in democratic Bhutan.

The Media Lab will provide a collaborative learning environment where youth can develop their media production and artistic leadership skills. It also aims to give Bhutanese youth a “Voice that is not just Noise”.

The Media Lab will help train young Bhutanese in photography, radio journalism, citizen journalism, graphic design, podcast production, audio/video editing, and documentary production.

The Media Lab was set up in partnership with the Youth Development Fund, and is situated at the Nazhoen Pelri, Thimphu.

The Lab is equipped with necessary gadgets like desktops, still cameras, video cameras, and screening sets, and will be run on a membership basis.

The Lab will host a series of open mike nights among interested members on pertinent issues as well.

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