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Villages in Bumthang deprived of facilities amidst confusion

Mar 26, 2013

Bunthang-ChakharThe people of Chakar and Jampalhakhang villages are not sure whether they are under Chhoekhor Gewog or Bumthang Thromdey. They say their confusion started in 2011 after the delimitation was finalised before the Local Government elections.

After the delimitation in 2011, many households from different villages in Bumthang were registered under Thromdey. Likewise, four households in Chakar village and four households in Jampalhakhang were also registered under Bumthang Thromdey.

But after they were made part of town, they neither have had access to facilities meant for a gewog nor those facilities meant for a Thromdey.


We have orders saying construction shouldn’t be allowed in these areas as it is near Kurjey and Jambay Lhakhang. Construction activities may pose many problems. It can also disturb the deities.”

Sangla, Chhoekhor gup



The Chairman of Dzongkhag Tshogdu and Chokor gup, Sangla, said they are aware of the situation. He said they have already discussed the matter in DzongkhagTshogdu.

“We have asked them to cast their votes from the respective polling stations as per their VPIC card but otherwise they can avail all the facilities of the gewog,” said the gup.

He said it has been decided that these people can avail all the facilities of the gewog, until the proper town planning is ready.



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  1. Chang Cham

    We are very very much concerned that WHY this township planning takes toooooooo long that never finalises and people put in such a prolonged problems and situation.

  2. Tenzing

    Just fed-up of only hearing the news of town plans and no finalization of such plans.

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